Track By Track Album Review: “Get Weird” By Little Mix

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Mixers, rejoice! It’s time to Get Weird!

It seems like it’s been 100 years since Little Mix released their last album. Fans have waited patiently as the girls took their time crafting their perfect record. Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirwall have been teasing and promoting their third album for months now, and it’s been absolute agony! With their last two albums going platinum and music videos reaching views in the tens of millions, it’s clear that they’re showing no signs of slowing down — and we’re just glad they took some time to bless us with new music.

With a new sound that they’ve deemed ‘more mature,’ the release of the album features a surprise collaboration and a melting pot of genres that separate this album from anything they’ve ever done.

So is Little Mix’s third album worth ‘getting weird’ for? Find out in our track-by-track review:


1. Black Magic

The long awaited first single definitely stands out from the urban-influences of Salute. The chorus is big and it’s generally just a cute song- a bubbly pop delight that is probably already stuck in your head.


2. Love Me Like You

Little Mix brings it down a notch with this mellow 50’s-inspired love song. This song grows on you the more you listen to it — perhaps it comes down to how different it is from Little Mix’s previous hit songs.


3. Weird People

This time we’re taken back to the early 90’s with “Weird People”. It’s another ingredient in the melting pot of genres that is the “Get Weird” album. Musically it’s not the strongest off the album, but with the in-your-face “do you” attitude this one might make you want to throw on your old jean jacket and bust out your best 90’s dance moves.


4. Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)

Jason Deruuuulo! This is the collaboration we didn’t even know we needed but are forever thankful we now have.  Prepare yourselves for a delicate yet powerful ballad –reminiscent of previous LM songs like “Towers.” Jason’s soulful voice is a perfect mirror to the girls’ and harmonizes with Perrie beautifully. Props to Leigh-Anne for killing that last chorus!


5. Hair

This may be one of the catchiest break-up songs to ever grace our ears. Packed with tons of hair-flipping sass and a bouncy drum-heavy rhythm, we don’t want this song out of our hair.


6. Grown

This one is a big ol’ plate of sass served up hot with a side of finger-snapping/hair-flipping melodies and those runs! But let’s be honest, when do their vocals not slay??


7. I Love You

We love when the girls slow things down because their voices really shine. The chorus to “I Love You” is met with breathy vocals early on but quickly becomes a power-house harmony that brings this love song to life. Also, can we talk about Perrie’s other-wordly voice. CAN WE TALK!?


8. OMG

Fans of Charli XCX will definitely feel this one. Channeling the sassy pop stylings of Charli and a little bit of Iggy’s pop/R&B beats, “OMG” is exactly how we love our LM ladies- with loads of attitude.


9. Lightning

Channeling the sultry stylings of their song “DNA” from their debut album, “Lightening” is a sexy slow-down number with an unexpected hit of EDM mixed in the chorus.


10. A.D.I.D.A.S

If you follow Little Mix, you’ve definitely heard talk about this song. “Little” no more, this is how Little Mix gets suggestively sexy without being explicit. The sexy “shhh” to cover the word ‘sex’ is both cute and playful, and sassy and sexy. And there’s a shout out to Drake, so what’s not to love?


11. Love Me Or Leave Me

Little Mix really has a way with their ballads, and “Love Me Or Leave Me” is no exception. The pleading and emotion that instantly grabs you and demands your attention. Each girl has their shining moment, delivering these gravity-defying runs.


12. The End

“The End” is an acapella wonder. With only a few finger snaps and a few soulful melodies, with a retro-Meghan Trainor-inspired rhythm, you’ll be quite disappointed when the song ends.


13. I Won’t

You can tell just how strong the girls are together with “I Won’t” as they declare that they’re not about giving up. The chorus clapping is catchy enough, but it’s not an album stand out.


14. Secret Love Song, pt. I I

We’d accept twenty parts to this song, because it’s perfectly stripped-down and bursting with powerful emotion. Listening to this song just reminds us that their voices are definitely not human. Special shout out to Leigh-Anne and Perrie’s beautiful duet on the last chorus.

15. Clued Up

And here we have one of the most anticipated songs off the entire album, because its co-writer is none other than miss Jessie J — which is why lyrically it’s wonderful. It’s the only song off the entire album with just an acoustic guitar — which is a welcomed switch-up.


16. The Beginning

And we end off with another acapella send-off. Perhaps one of the most lyrically powerful, because it’s all about the girls explicitly reminding listeners that they still have so much more to give; that their musical journey is far from over….it’s just the beginning.

Verdict: 4 Weird People Out Of 5

After the bold and R&B-centered sophomore album “Salute,” this time around the musical shakeup comes as a welcomes surprise from the talented ladies of Little Mix. The throwbacks keep us feeling nostalgic, while the lyrics very much touch on a right-now kind of mentality, making sure their fans, and anyone who wants to listen, know that it’s perfectly wonderful to be weird. Whether you’re partial to the sounds of Motown or the 90’s big pop numbers, “Get Weird” is the gift that keeps on giving.

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