Track By Track Album Review: “Hello” By Hedley

Posted on November 6, 2015 by Britney Cochrane

For long-time fans of Hedley, it’s plain to see how much the Canadian band has grown since their self-titled debut album. Luckily for us, their growth only continues with their new album Hello, which is surely their most personal yet.

If you sat down Jacob Hoggard in 2005 and played him “Lose Control” he probably would have laughed at you — buT the band’s ability to grow and change with their fans is what makes them the long-time success they are today. Hedley was the rock band you needed to drown your sorrows with in high school, and they’ve now adopted a pop sound that makes you want to embarrassingly dance as a young adult.


How did we feel about “Hello?” We’re going to tell you: 


Lost in Translation

This song got lost in the radio airwaves once “Hello” was released, but the track sets the tone for the rest of the album with its upbeat, catchy beats and Jake’s unique, distinct voice.



Hedley, oh how we’ve missed you!! For every fan girl out there, it feels longer than two years since the thrill of listening to ‘Wild Life’ for the first time. Let’s relish in this moment.



It feels foreign to hear Hedley sing what could be interpreted to a break up song. It’s a refreshing listen from their typical love tracks.


Can’t Slow Down

This track feels like a glimpse into Hoggard’s real life, relationships and the struggles he’s encountered.


Very First Time

This track makes us want to shimmy our shoulders and dance in our seats. We can’t wait to see the fans sing this song back to the band on the #helloworld tour with their hands waving in sync.


I Will

We will now be whistling this tune for the rest of the day….and we can’t whistle.


Man Killer

The background noises/voices are a reminder of how goofy and fun the band members are. This track makes us want to just let go and have a blast.


Lose Control

This dance-y track is unexpected. “Shake your butt to the bass.” This NEEDS to be the next single!



This song goes hand in hand with ‘Hello” and the message the band is conveying. “Life can seem too typical, too digital. Lord, I don’t want to be so invisible.”


Back to Basics

Cannot wait to see the band perform this one live! Jacob’s piano has a different design on every tour, and we’re sure the #helloworld tour won’t disappoint.


The Knife

FINALLY! The classic Hedley ballad song! Love the rawness and growl in Jake’s voice that we missed throughout the rest of the album.


4/5 Jacob Hoggard growls

This album is nothing like the Hedley we knew from elementary school. They’ve matured their song and stayed with the times and that’s an ability not every music group has. They know their audience and know what music lovers want — and boy did they deliver. Our only complaint? We would’ve loved a couple more ballads — mainly because we just like to have Jacob Hoggard to serenade us with his sexy voice



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