PLAYLIST: Songs For When You’re Crushing Hard

Posted on November 6, 2015 by
crushing hard playlist

There is a song out there for every mood, every thought, every feeling — you name it. Good moods, bad days, new relationships and break-ups… the list goes on. Usually these playlists involve you singing at the top of your lungs alone, with a lot of emotion and possibly a hairbrush (or maybe that’s just us). Chocolate and ice cream may or may not be involved.

We lied — every mood is an ice cream mood.

Any overwhelming feeling is cause for a good playlist (and a good session of singing in your empty house). This is why when you’re crushing hard on someone music is an absolutely necessity. Whether it’s that guy who you always bump into (We exchanged “hi’s” and it was gorlious) or it’s that childhood friend who you’ve known forever (is it love?), these songs make budding and long lasting feelings seem more exciting than, well, scary.

Because everyone needs a good playlist to listen to when they’re crushing on someone, here are 15 tracks to have you jamming out (and relating — a little too much.) Warning: you will probably envision yourself singing certain songs to the person — which is cool as long as, you know, it’s in your head. Not in person.


“18”- One Direction


“Use Somebody”- Kings of Leon


“Boom Clap”- Charli XCX

“In My Head”- Jason Derulo


“Imagination”- Shawn Mendes


“Wanted”- Hunter Hayes


“Fire and the Flood”- Vance Joy


“Oh My Goodness”- Olly Murs


“I Really Like You”- Carly Rae Jepson


“Move”- Little Mix

“Fall”- Ed Sheeran


“Like I Can”- Sam Smith


“Sledgehammer”- Fifth Harmony

“Teardrops On My Guitar”-  Taylor Swift


“Make You Feel My Love”- Adele


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