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Why Troye Sivan Is A Metahuman

Posted on November 5, 2015 by
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Urban Dictionary’s definition of Metahuman: Someone exposed to some mutagenic compound, such as in the form of a gas, that mutates them down to their DNA, either giving them a superpower or altering their appearance drastically.

Two years ago, South African born Australian Troye Sivan was posting covers, challenge videos and collaborating with his friends and fellow Youtubers — as a YouTube does. Life has since take a huge turn for the 20 year old who on May 5th 2013 posted his very own original song entitled “The Fault In Our Stars” inspired by John Green’s novel of the same name.

Driven by the buzz around this novel and later film adaptation — not to mention his sweet vocals — the video spread like wild fire. So much so that Universal Music Australia had found  then 18 year old Troye and signed him on. A year later he released his very first EP “TRXYE” in 2014, which landed him on a couple Billboard charts. Since, Troye has released his second EP ‘Wild’ and has  announced his debut album The Blue Neighbourhood, which is slated for a December 4th release.  Along with his budding music career, you can also find Troye in many films including X-Men: Origins and Spud.

All of this leads us to one thought: Troye Sivan is a metahuman. He has to be. Here’s what has us believing that he’s got crazy powers:


Touring around the US in October and early November with laryngitis


Touring can really affect ones voice and it looks like Troye is no exception – but in true metahuman fashion, it won’t stop Troye from singing.      

Not only attends fashion shows but struts in them

troye sivan

SOURCE: Troyesivan18’s Youtube

Can you name any other musician/youtuber/actor who ALSO walks fashion shows? We’re so overwhelmed.   

Still attends YouTube gathering events even when he can’t stay the night

Vidcon, Playlist, Amplify – he sure loves the fans!


Keeps his tumblr page up to date

troye sivan

We see you reblogging Troye.


Manages to be in three different cities in one day

This can only be done when you’re Beyonce or a metahuman *cough* Troye *cough*    

Snapchats so we never feel alone

Troye Sivan

SOURCE: Troye Sivan’s Snapchat

“Must. Selfie. For. Fans.” should have been the caption.    

Never forgets to tweet and stalk fans on Twitter

Nothing wrong with seeing fans reactions after a show but isn’t he exhausted? We’ll never know.


Cares about fans – – enough to post a video about having safe sex

Can you imagine what it was like for Troye to film something like this? That’s how much he cares about us.

Makes times for his friends – even if he’s busy

It’s nice to know that Troye is still doing his best to keep in touch with his friends. Friends will get you through the hard times along with the good.


So what have we learned? That Troye Sivan is not only insanely talented, but he also has a great heart and has his priorities in check. Keep doing you Troye and we can’t wait to hear your debut album.

Side Note: Keep your eyes glued to ANDPOP.com for our special interview with Troye himself!

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