Youtube Tuesday: Humble The Poet Shares The Time He Was Removed Off A Plane Because Of His Appearance and More!

Posted on November 3, 2015 by
humble the poet

ANDPOP’s Intern Merna is obsessed with YouTube. She’s currently subscribed to 412 YouTube channels and is always on the lookout for some new online talent. As our resident YouTube FANatic, Intern Merna will list the videos that you should be watching, sharing and liking, all from channels you should be subscribed to.

This week, Humble the Poet tells us about the time he was asked to step off a plane for no reason, KianandJC and Steve-O play tic tac toe with permanent ink and Vitaly scares his mom with the help of Chucky.

Permanent Tic Tac Toe Tattoo With Steve-O

Kian Lawley and JC Caylen ended off #KnJTakeOverMonth with a guest fitting for an epic month — Jackass’ Steve-O. The three played tic tac toe in a way they’ll never forget (see: with ink on their bodies.)


Humble The Poet Explains When He Was Taken Off A Plane

As part of Suli Breaks’ #WIHSS (Wish I Had Said Something) series, he sat down with Toronto’s Humble the Poet to talk about a time that he had encountered injustice due to his appearance.


Vincent Cyr VS Louis Cole in Truth Or Dare

Toronto’s Buffer Festival is a great opportunity for Youtubers who don’t normally see each other to gather together and create videos like this. We didn’t know how much we needed a Cyr vs Cole collab until we saw this.


Aladdin and his Magic Carpet Roamed The Streets of New York

PrankvsPrank’s Jesse Wellens teamed up with Casey Neistat to bring Aladdin and his magic carpet to life. The reactions while Jesse was on the “magic” carpet and Casey filming him were priceless.


The Scariest Halloween Prank Ever

Leave it to Vitaly to prank his mother in the most terrifying way. As he recently moved into a new home with his mom, he found it only fitting to prank her with one of the creepiest film characters ever created: Chucky.

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