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Things That One Direction Fans Want Leaked Instead of “Made In The AM”

Posted on November 3, 2015 by

We have zero patience when it comes to waiting for new music, so we understand why the internet exploded when  a teaser ofOne Direction’s track “Never Enough” off of their impending Made In The AM hit our browsers on Monday (Nov 2).

According to Mirror ,a snippet of the track was posted and circulated around Twitter following a listening event for fans during the day — but fans are not happy.

Let us break this down for you. The boys of One Direction — Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles — have been no stranger to leaks over the course of promoting their fourth studio album, as earlier this year Apple Music unintentionally revealed a tad early the title of their single “Perfect” and Spotify followed up by releasing their Perfect EP — with the unreleased single “Home.” Teen Vogue actually suggests that three leaks preceded “Never Enough” — the other leak being a fans leak of the song “Love You Goodbye.”

Now, fans can’t held feel that the chances of the whole album being leaked is high and, well, the fans are less excited than you would think — and rightfully so.

Obviously mistakes are mistakes and we’re not hating on hearing new music from the lads, but with the internet getting a hold of things before they are intended to, the loyal Directioners have banned together to ask that the album not be leaked — and is if is leaked, to not listen to it.


Here’s what the Directioners would rather you leak than “Made In The AM:”


General appreciation for not listening


A Harry Tutorial (pun intended)




Teenage Dirtbag


Text books


All the puns


Basically, yes


We need to know


Let’s respect the boys shall we?


After all, Liam asked nicely.

But, because you listen to the leak, doesn’t mean permanent exile from the fandom. To each their own.


We leave you with this:

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