Ariana Grande Basically Made The Same Music Video As Drake

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Are we seeing double? Maybe we’re drunk — but does the new Ariana Grande video for “Focus” basically look exactly like Drake’s Hotline Bling video?

… If you haven’t seen Drake’s extremely gif-able music video for “Hotline Bling” we’re going to assume you haven’t had internet access for sometime — or have just been hibernating in a cave untouched by popular culture.

Our favourite pony-tailed songstress’s music video  —  the first off of her upcoming album Moonlight — is packed with epic costumes, dance numbers, and catchy beats — it’s also full of dancing. In cubes. With funky lighting.

At first glance, its obvious that they are some strong similarities when comparing the visuals of these two performance based videos. Under further inspection we can’t help but feel we are watching the exact same video! From the soft purple/pink lighting to the fact that they are both dancing in a 3D cube in the wall, it’s clear to see that Ariana and Drake’s videos mirror each other.

Here are some of the moments that really jumped out at us:

Same. Dance. Moves.

hotline ariana


Arms out, elbows bent – we call this one “the shrug”

hotline ariana

…You can call them on their cell phones


Shhhhhhh your secret is safe with us

hotline ariana

Cube life. 

hotline ariana

Pop a squat


Both videos end with them lying down… case closed.


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One response to “Ariana Grande Basically Made The Same Music Video As Drake”

  1. Me says:

    I am not sure about that, because Ariana done all this in MAY, but wanted to push it to October. So…

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