How To Be Your Favourite YouTuber This Halloween

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It’s days away from Halloween and we’re in panic mode.

We have no time, nor the energy to go to a Halloween store and pay $70 for a costume that could have easily been made at home — if we had the time… or energy. See the cycle? When we get home from a long day at school/work, the last thing we want to do is to go to a store and wait in a long line up to try on a costume. So, instead, we head home, turn on our computers and binge watch all the videos that show up in our YouTube subscription box.

That’s when we realize that our Halloween costume doesn’t need to be a source of stress — because the best Halloween costume has been staring at us for the past two hours. Why not be your favourite Youtuber for Halloween? All you really need is some sass, good hair — and a good intro.


With that in mind, here are 10 Youtubers to be for Halloween:

(Note: In no way are we making fun of the Youtubers, merely describing their physical characteristics) 


Jerome Jarre

Jerome is known on all social platforms for being someone who sends positivity and smiles – big time.

  • Smile with your eyes closed in selfies
  • Be happy all day
  • Talk to squirrels

Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith

For you couples out there, Jesse and Jeana are the perfect Youtube duo to be. Known for pulling the most outrageous pranks on each other, Prank Vs Prank is a couple anyone who watches Youtube will be able to recognize.


  • Blonde hair with long extensions
  • regular t-shirt with a jean jacket on top


  • Long wig with the sides shaved (leave a long middle)
  • Hat like one pictured above
  • Wear Dope Fresh Nation shirt or anything Philadelphia related



  • Prank each other in public.


Caspar Lee

The South African is known for his comedy videos and interviewing huge actors like Kevin Hart, Chris Pratt etc.

  • Repeat “Hello, My name is Caspar Lee” quickly
  • Talk in a South African accent
  • Perfectly tousle your hair, as pictured above
  • Make puns
  • Prank your roommate repeatedly


Lilly Singh

The Canadian superstar is known around the world for her expertly done relatable comedy sketches on her YouTube channel iiSuperwomanii.

  • Long black hair – wig/extensions
  • Wear an awesome hat
  • A cat t-shirt
  • Make references about said t-shirt
  • Ask “what’s in the combo” at every drive through
  • Say MEOW before and after every conversation



Jenna Marbles

jenna marbles

SOURCE: mashable

One of the biggest female Youtubers has been making us laugh for years — and is also a badass.

  • A wig/dye your hair a bright red or green.
  • Hoop earrings
  • Yell “JULIAN” (her boyfriend)


Louis Cole

The daily vlogger OG Louis Cole (funforlouis) is known for his epic adventures around the world and documenting it daily on Youtube.


  • Dreadlocks
  • Have a camera at your hip
  • Dance in a public
  • Possibly wear a shirt about traveling/enjoying life


King Bach

Andrew Bachelor

SOURCE: King Bach’s Twitter

Andrew B. Bachelor, or better known as Bach,  has made it huge on Youtube, vine and in Hollywood in the last year. The young actor even debuted in a few episodes of The Mindy Project.



  • Wear a crown
  • Ride around on a hoverboard
  • Make funny 6 second vines


GloZell Green

GloZell is one of Youtubers who always makes us smile. She tells it how it is in her videos and we can appreciate that.


  • Lime green lipstick
  • Wear a cute green outfit
  • Say “Is you good, is you ok? Cause I wanted to know” as you greet every person


Lindsey Stirling

lindsey stirling

SOURCE: forbes

Lindsey is known for both violin  covers of famous songs and her original music on Youtube.


  • Bangs going to a side
  • A violin on you at all times
  • A cool graphic shirt
  • Blonde streaks in your hair
  • Play Lindsey’s covers from hidden speakers while holding the violin to give the impression its from you


Felix Kjellberg

Felix Kjellberg

SOURCE: bilan.ch

The most subscribed Youtuber needs no introduction. With over 40 million subscribers, if someone you don’t know who Felix is — where have you been?


  • Swedish accent
  • Long straight hair with a side parting
  • T-shirt with the blue brofist logo on it
  • Shout out “PEWDIEPIE”

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