5 Canadian Actors You Didn’t Know Were On “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”

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are you afraid of the dark

It aired late at night. It was spooky. It was eerie. It was everything that we, as children, knew we shouldn’t watch — but watched anyway.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark was the Canadian kids show that, even though we are still questioning its demographic, had a lot to love about out — hence why we watched it through our fingers knowing the nightmares to come.

The show followed groups of kids — The Midnight Society — narrating scary stories that we got to see play out on screen for us — with obviously every climactic point resulting in a cut back to the group before continuing on with the story.

Are You Afraid of The Dark is that show from our childhood that has a special place in our heart — no memories are fonder than those spent hiding under the covers watching a show you know your parents would not approve of you watching at the late hours of 10 p.m. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. However, looking back on the show, it’s astounding to see how many Canadian actors got their start on the show (and some American ones too — but we digress).


Here are the Canadian actors you didn’t know were on “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”


Emily Van Camp:

emily van camp


Emily’s Revenge character Emily Thorne/ Amanda Clarke would definitely spook her AYAOTD character.


Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling

SOURCE: Bustle

Hey girl. Bet you didn’t know this Canadian hunk graced AYAOTD


Vanessa Lengies

vanessa lengies

SOURCE: Quotesgram

Vanessa’s Glee character Sugar Motta would cringe — but we love that the actress got her start on Family Channel.


Jay Baruchel

jay baruchel


AYAOTD, Popular Mechanics, we basically grew up with him on our screens.


Aaron Ashmore

aaron ashmore


This is what Jimmy was doing before he hit up Smallville.

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