10 (Unlikely) Guest Stars We Want To See On “Reign”

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Rashida Jones, Hugh Dancy, Helena Bonham Carter, Asa Butterfield, Marie avgeropoulos Reign

Long may these guest stars not reign.

We have come at a crossroads in season 3 of CW’s Reign. King Francis is gravely ill and will die this season — his fate was written by history.  Queen Mary will be left with the sadistic mother of Francis, Catherine, and his bastard of a brother, Bash. As fans, we can’t help but wonder what the writers of Reign have up their sleeves to keep the show’s momentum.

In seasons past we’ve been graced with guest stars like Sean Teale (Skins) who played Louis, Prince Of Conde who made life more complicated for Francis and Mary, and Kathyrn Prescott (Finding Carter) who portrayed Penelope in the first season.

We can’t help but imagine the possibilities of more guest stars on the show show — because there’s no harm in dreaming.  For the sake of fun (and hoping to sway the writers), here are ten (unlikely may we add) guest stars we would love to see reign on CW’s Reign:



Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan is known for his role as Merlin on the BBC series Merlin and our love for him cannot be explained in mere words. We can see him working as a servant in France with a  dark agenda – or dark powers ala Merlin. 


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Meet the King of Denmark and Norway. If we’re sticking to history, Jonathan could portray Frederick II. To add a little twist, he could team up with Queen Elizabeth in attempt to take over France. Intrigued?


Rashida Jones

Queen Mary is soon to be a widow, which means she’ll never another lady in waiting — and who better to step than Rashida>  Hopefully she can bring a little bit of her comedic flair to cheer Mary up.


Asa Butterfield

Asa, known for Hugo and Enders Game, can come in as Prince Charles’ new friend and, as a plot twist, falls in love with Charles.


Freddie Highmore

Freddie can act as a kid whose village was burned down and was saved by Bash —  but little did Bash know that the kid was working to take down Mary.


Marie Avgeropoulos 

Marie could play the daughter of one of the men in court,who tries to sway the future king of France, Prince Charles, in order for her to reign as Queen of France.


Hugh Dancy

hugh dancy gif

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One of the biggest actors to come out of the United Kingdom is Hugh.  Just picture this for a second:  Hugh is one of Francis’ loyal soldiers and, before Francis’ passes away, he makes Hugh promise him that he’ll watch over Mary. And then they fall in love. We have had it happen before with Mary — third time’s a charm?



The band Misterwives would appear for one episode to perform at a ball and then, that very night, Francis passes away — cue their song “Coffins.” We know, how brilliant are we?


Amber Heard

We would love to see Bash find a new love interest after that whole Delphine fiasco. Bash deserves someone to love him too.


Helena Bonham Carter

Helena can come in as a new court physician. The big scandal at the palace would be because she’s a woman but she’s the best physician around.

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