Youtube Tuesday: Blake Grigsby Gathered Over 150 Strangers To Take A Huge Family Photo and More!

Posted on October 27, 2015 by
Blake Grigsby Group Photo

ANDPOP’s Intern Merna is obsessed with YouTube. She’s currently subscribed to 412 YouTube channels and is always on the lookout for some new online talent. As our resident YouTube FANatic, Intern Merna will list the videos that you should be watching, sharing and liking, all from channels you should be subscribed to.

This week, Blake Grigsby gets over 150 strangers to take a family photo, Tyler Oakley tries to sell his book to strangers and Ben Brown wows us with his new visual vibes.

Who Knew The Atlantis Dunes Were So Beautiful

After getting to see an early screening of Ben Brown’s visual vibes at Toronto’s Buffer Festival Premiere Gala on Friday, we were sure this was going to make Youtube Tuesday. It was filmed, edit and produced beautifully and definitely leaves us wanting to visit the Atlantis dunes.



This Giant Family Photo Warms Our Heart

Blake Grigsby is known for making strangers smile in small ways. This is one of them. To simply gather over a 150 strangers who have never met each other to comply and take a group photo in front of the Chicago’s Cloud Gate sculpture, well, that’s something.

Tyler Oakley’s Book Is Out!

Tyler’s book Binge was released October 20th which also entails a day of interviews and going to book stores to fangirl over your own book. We’re so proud!


Which Duo Will Be Victorious?

Kian Lawley and JC Caylen (KianAndJC) battle it out against Jack Gilinsky & Jack Johnson (Jack & Jack) in three rounds of games, which includes walking in heals while your feet are tied with your parents foot. Can you guess who won?



The Longest Roman Atwood Vlog Ever

After months of mail being sent out to the Atwoods, it was finally time that Roman, Brittney, Noah and Kane sat down and began to open the mail given from the Roman Soldiers. This was the only hour vlog that we managed to stay entertained throughout.

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