5 Things We Learned From Seeing Melanie Martinez Live

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Melanie Martinez @ MOD Club

It’s her party and we can cry if we want to. OKAY?

In 2012, a girl with half blonde and black hair auditioned for the third season of The Voice. The then 17-year old took to the stage armed with her style and guitar and charmed the judges with her rendition of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” which led her to the top 6 on team Adam. Three years later, Melanie Martinez has dropped her EP Dollhouse and, most recently, her debut album Cry Baby. 

The now twenty year old is out captivating the world on her Cry Baby tour. Melanie Martinez recently stopped in Toronto for a sold out performance at the Virgin MOD Club and we couldn’t help but notice so many things that made both the fans – and us – love her.


Stage Setup

Melanie Martinez ©Merna Jibrail ANDPOP 9

Photo Courtesy of the author

The moment you enter the venue, you automatically feel the same vibes that the album gave you at first listen. The alphabet block letters spelling out “Cry Baby” is exactly what we expected.


Her Outfits

Melanie Martinez ©Merna Jibrail ANDPOP 3

Photo Courtesy of the author

Melanie connects with us both with her music and her outfit choices.


Her Unique Voice

Melanie Martinez ©Merna Jibrail ANDPOP 2

Photo Courtesy of the author

That moment she got on stage and started to sing ‘Cry Baby’ we were in awe at how authentic and raw her voice is. It’s nice to hear that there isn’t much editing going on on the production side of her music.



Melanie Martinez ©Merna Jibrail ANDPOP 5

Photo Courtesy of Merna Jibrail for ANDPOP

Melanie has a bold hairstyle and rocks it well because it’s just so HER. She inspires fans to be daring and unique.


Fan Interactions

Melanie Martinez ©Merna Jibrail ANDPOP 4

Photo Courtesy of the author

We could hear almost every single fan belting out the lyrics as if their lives depended on it and we loved it. Melanie engaged with the audience and made us party as much as we possibly could in a sold out crowd.


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