7 Things We Need From Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ World Tour

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The concert gods have spoken. We are getting a Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas world tour.

The duo confirmed this morning (October 26) on Elvis Duran’s talk show that they will be heading out on the Future Now Tour in 2016– and it’s going to be good. Nick teased that he actually has a couple more costume changes than Demi and just…we have a lot of feelings.

Yeah, we’re having issues breathing. First, the pair announced their upcoming record label and now, after dominating the music industry, they are taking on the world… and the world is so ready.

The pair have collaborated many times over the years for tracks and now they will get to share a stage.

We have a lot of feelings about this tour, starting with Camp Rock and ending with the idea of the two duetting on one of their hit solo tracks like “Jealous” or “Cool For The Summer.”

P.S. If you have any questions about Adam Lambert’s initial plans to tour with Demi…


Here’s what we’re expecting from the Future Now Tour


Camp Rock throwbacks

A medley of songs from both films. One Tune. One bar. Anything. Our nostalgic hearts will take ANYTHING.

Cute banter.

nick jonas demi lovato

SOURCE: Rebloggy

These two are long time friends and we just can’t wait for their dialogue between songs.


Their adorable friendship

We just need to see these rock out together so bad. They’re way to cute together.


Obviously. Alongside Camp Rock the pair have collaborated on a couple tracks over the years and we would be down to hear any of them.


The dancing

nick jonas demi lovato


They both have sick moves. We just need to see Demi dancing on stage to “Levels.”


Come to think about it…


Demi singing Levels

Demi Lovato in "Cool For The Summer"

SOURCE: YouTube / Demi Lovato

So who says we can’t turn their hit solo tracks into duets? Nick Jonas singing “Confident?” We need it.


Guest appearances

Give us ALLLL of the old school Disney stars. Or, you know, just bring Nick’s brothers on stage. We need a Jonas Brothers performance — it’s been too long.

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