Track-By-Track Album Review: Confident By Demi Lovato

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We’re confident this is album is Demi Lovato’s finest work to date — even though the Camp Rock soundtrack will always have a special place in our hearts.

The 23 year old is a triple threat: singer, actress and all around awesome person, there’s not much the songstress can’t do.

The young musician has been in the limelight since 2002 when, alongside her long time pal Selena Gomez, she starred in the hit television show for kids Barney and Friends. Six years later, Demi released her debut album “Don’t Forget” which had hits like “La La Land” and “On The Line.” She also landed a small Disney movie Camp Rock and the sketch comedy inspired So Random somewhere in between.

It’s been two years since Demi Lovato released her last record, her fourth album Demi, so it comes as zero surprise that we’ve been eager (see: desperate) for new music from the singer.  Early July, Lovato released her track “Cool For The Summer,” which reminded us of her insane ability to belt out the catchiest of tracks. Mid-August, she answered the Lovatics prayers by announcing that her fifth studio album would be dropping in October (TODAY!),  alongside the help of her friends each tweeting a track on their individual Twitter accounts.

Wondering if Demi’s highly anticipated album is worth the listen? That’s why we’re here to break it down for you track-by-track:


1. Confident

This song is the kick you need to get the job done. Not treated well in the workplace? Someone bullying you? Listen to this song and it’ll inspire you to not take shit from anyone. It’s okay to be confident within yourself. Bonus: The music video stars Michelle Rodriguez – yes, yes, yes.


2. Cool For The Summer

This song is the hot track on your party playlist for a reason. The lyrics imply trying something ‘new’ — whatever that may be in your case. The tune is all about beeing free, doing what you want and being impulsive. This track smashes the idea of a safe “pop” song and is refreshing. “Cool For The Summer” was the perfect single to release off of the album as it perfectly represents the tone of the album of freedom and living for yourself.


3. Old Ways

The message behind “Old Ways” is something many can relate to.. Leave the past in the past, Demi sure isn’t going back to the way she was. The melody is really different from the usual ‘Demi,’ which is a breath of fresh air. The bridge had us hyped up and led us to a great beat.


4. For You

It feels like we took a step backwards with this track. “For You” isn’t a bad song by any means it just feels better suited to her prior album, Demi.


5. Stone Cold

This track got released a week before the album dropped and let us know that we really had no idea what we’d get out of this album. Demi totally caught us off guard with the hauntingly beautiful ballad. You can hear the emotion with each note and finished lyric.


6. Kingdom Come (ft Iggy Azalea)

The track’s beginning builds with Demi’s voice providing a mysterious tone — you’re intrigued from the first few bars of the track and stay hooked all throughout. The lyrics are simple but definitely make us want to dance, especially when the chorus hits. Iggy Azeala is featured on the track but her verse doesn’t have too much of a ‘wow” factor.


7. Waitin For You (ft Sirah)

If there’s a track off the album that had us saying “YAAS,” it’s this one. It sets a very assertive mood — if that makes any sense. We feel confident listening to this song and LA rapper Sirah’s verse does the killer track so much justice. We felt the power within Sirah’s voice — these two need to collaborate on everything.


8. Wildfire

This track may not be as self-powering and inspiring as the songs before it, but it’s soothing in its own right. With ‘Wildfire” Demi channels what it is to feel like one person can provide you with the feelings of freedom you desire.


9. Lionheart

If this song is about Wilmer, Lovatics will be very happy. It’s an admiring, and touching song that many would just hope was written about a certain somebody. This is also a track that could be used in a future Nicholas Sparks film — it’s that romantic. Someone hold us.


10. Yes

Yes, Demi, YES. This song can only be responded back by saying YES. If we had to describe this song with an emoji, it would be the hands praising emoji. It’s a new song to consider as the song to play at your wedding, because it’s new, has beautiful harmonies, and the lyrics are bound to touch anyone in love.


11. Father

Fans of the pop-star  all know that Demi hasn’t had the easiest relationship with her father, but that won’t stop her from writing another song that’ll have you in tears. This song sounds like the closing chapter of all she’s dealt with her father who passed away in 2013. It’ll have you inspired to close any gaps or deal with problems you have with your parents; we all mistakes. Have tissues nearby for this one.


12. Stars

While the track’s chorus is incredible and has a great overall message that we’re all our own shining light, the electronic sound over powers the lyrics and message a bit — which is unfortunate.


13. Mr. Hughes

The first lyric spewed out, and we instantly thought of Amy Winehouse — which is awesome. Mr. Hughes has a blues/jazzy vibe that we’re 100% for and hope to hear Demi do more of. This isn’t the type of song that we expected from this album, but we’re very happy it made the cut.


14. Cool For The Summer (Jump Smokers Remix)

Here’s a remix for those who love another reason to support Demi even in a club setting. And who better than to remix than Jump Smokers who add a crazy beat to the chorus that’ll have you fist bumping all through the night, if you do that kind of thing of course.


15. Cool For The Summer (Suraci Remix)

Setting: Pool bar while getting your tan on. You’re welcome.


Demi Lovato Cover Art Confident

SOURCE: iTunes

Verdict: 3.5 Hair Flips Out Of 5

This album gave us a little bit of everything. It had us feeling confident, inspired, angry, and in love all in the span of an hour. The album’s variety of tracks were a blessing and a curse as the record went from a heartbreaking track to an upbeat song immediately after. With a little of track rearranging, it would have told a story that we hope many people still get from it. The lyrics and Demi’s confidence definitely over power this album and it’s something to admire and look up to.






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