New Music Friday: Troye Sivan, Pentatonix and More!

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Pentatonix Sing music video

It’s #NewMusicFriday — which means ANDPOP’s music obsessed Intern Merna will be filling you in on all the new songs you should be listening to the day they get released — today. Because you deserve to listen to the best of the best.

“Perfect” By One Direction

We’re trying to soak in this new One Direction album because it’s the last we’ll be getting for a while. We’ve been enjoying the direction (haha) these guys have been going in lately with their new music and we hope the rest of the album has tracks like this.


“Sing” By Pentatonix

Happy album release day PTX! We’ve been buzzing with excitement for this album and it’s finally out, and what better way to celebrate than a music video for a song. Sing is an upbeat tune that will have you dancing around your room and if you’re watching the video, smiling immensely because it has both Pentatonix, the fans and special surprises from your favourite Youtubers!


“TALK ME DOWN” By Troye Sivan

It’s hard to find anything Troye releases a ‘bad’ song. We’re obsessed with his EPs TRXYE and Wild, so we know his debut album is going to be nothing short of fire.


“The Hills Remix” By The Weeknd and Eminem

Now we know what was missing from this hit song – Eminem’s sweet raps. The Weeknd expressed his excitement early this week that he finally has a track with Eminem, and it looks like we finally got it. Eminem’s raps tend to add more to a song’s story and that’s what we got from this remix.


“Saved” By Ty Dolla $ign and E-40

Ty Dolla $ign really surprised us with this catchy R&B beat and overall great song. It’s a song we can listen at home, on the go and at a party – a.k.a the best song.


“Prey” By The Neighbourhood

We can always rely on the NBHD for a relaxing song that can potentially take your mind to a whole other place. “Prey” has an old school sound that we’re more than happy to get behind.


“Waitin For You” By Demi Lovato Ft Sirah

If we could put Demi’s entire album Confident in #NewMusicFriday, we would. This song in particular stood out and it deserves your listen and Sirah’s rap is nothing short of amazing. Full album review HERE.


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