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5 Celebs Who Rep’d The Toronto Blue Jays Harder Than The Blue Jays

Posted on October 15, 2015 by
stephen amell Blue Jays

If you haven’t heard by now, you’re most likely living on the eastern hemisphere.

At this present moment, all of North America has been talking, chanting and praying to the baseball Gods that the Toronto Blue Jays actually win. It’s been 22 years since the Blue Jays have made it into the playoffs — That’s a big deal. But what is so important about the Blue Jays actually making it to the playoffs? The fans. The fans make it all that much more exciting.

It’s about where you’re watching and who you’re with — at a pub, watching at home with family, in the office pretending like you’re actually working or — if you’re lucky enough, — at the stadium. The environment of these games make it 10x better. Sports brings together everyone — including some of our fave celebs.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are just as eager and anticipating a win for the Blue Jays.

With that in mind, here are actors/musicians who know how to represent the Toronto Blue Jays:


Vanessa Morgan


We dare you to ask us how much we love Finding Carter. The answer is, as much as actress Vanessa loves her Blue Jays hat (that she rocks flawlessly.)


Luke Bilyk


Tiff got me feeling some type of way | ready for the madness ???? #tiff2015

A photo posted by Luke Bilyk (@lukebilyk) on

Degrassi’s Luke Bilyk got ready for the Toronto International Film Festival decked out in Blue Jays gear in front of the CN Tower. Loving that Toronto pride!




The boys who gave us the hit “Rude” are also huge supporters of the Jays. So anyone who’s against the TBJ’s we have one thing to say to you: Why you gotta be so rude?




Let’s gooooooo! ????????????

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

We know the OVO crew have mad love for the Raptors, but their support for the Blue Jays also never falls short.


Stephen Amell


The Green Arrow reps the Blue Jays harder than anyone we’ve ever seen. We love it.

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