The Top 5 Creepiest “Goosebumps” Episodes

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We can always use a nice dose of 90s nostalgia, which is why the upcoming Goosebumps film has us pumped — and slightly scared at the same time.

The movie, based on the of book series of the same name by author R.L. Stine, stars Jack Black as Stine and follows what happens when all of his fictional villains come to life.  Kind of like the ’90s television series did, the movie is aiming for the family audience — but is still bound to freak us out at least a little bit.

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We all have (mostly) fond memories signing out the Goosebumps books from the school library and sheepishly watching the TV series that, for our fellow Canadians, would air on YTV. We may have watched through out fingers. Along with Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps successfully scared the shit out of us as youngsters. We assume the film will successfully freak us out when it hits theatres next Friday (October 16), just in time to get us in the Halloween mood.


Here are the show’s 5 creepiest episodes to get us emotionally prepared for the movie: 


1. Night of the Living Dummy II

Though they are already certifiably creepy to begin with, this episode really ruined ventriloquist dummies for us  forever. In this episode, Amy’s original dummy is defective, so she receives a replacement one named “Slappy” (your first red flag, Amy) — which she brings to life by mistake. The creepiness of Slappy is still effective but Amy really dug her own grave by being interested in ventriloquism. What are you doing with your life Amy…


2. Stay out of the Basement (Parts 1 & 2)


This one is less creepy now, but when we were youngins watching re-reruns, it really deterred us from offering any help in the garden. In this episode, two children – Margaret and Casey – notice something is up with their dad’s weird experiments. You see, their father is botanist (same) and they felt it was time to see what’s good in his laboratory. Well, they find a man in the basement closet that claims to be their real dad (chills) and in the second part, they discover the man they’ve called dad for all this years is half man, half plant. Just like your dad and my dad. Totes relatable. Normal. Natural.


3. The Night in Terror Tower (Parts 1 & 2)

R.L. Stine was the original Shonda Rhimes and really fancied himself a two-parter. In The Night in Terror Tower (not to be confused with the masterpiece that is Tower of Terror), Sue and her brother Eddie visit Terror Tower while they’re in London, England. While on their tour, they’re chased by a man in a black cape that sends them back to Medieval times and have to figure out how to return to their time. It’s like Game of Thrones except less dragons and boobs.


4. The Haunted Mask (Parts 1 &2)

Carly Beth’s friends love to scare her (she needs new friends). Looking to scare them after a prank really gets to her, she goes looking for a mask that’ll really set them off. She ends up stealing one, and tests it out on her brother. While her plan was effective, she can’t remove the mask and Carly soon becomes the face of terror she thought would make her the prankster. She finds out the mask was a real face (Christ…) and that the only cure for it was “love” (awee). It’s a lesson for stealing and a lesson for finding better friends.


5. One Day at HorrorLand

The Morris family gets lost on their road trip and come across an amusement park entitled HorrorLand, and, naturally, go to it. It’s all fun and games (puns!) at first, but then the family soon realises that this amusement park really puts the “horror” in HorrorLand.

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