11 (Unlikely) Guest Stars We Want To See On “How To Get Away With Murder”

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HTGAWM Guest stars

There’s a lot of star power on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder already, but hear us out — HTGAWM is the perfect guest star show. With new clients and lawyers every episode, the possibility of guest appearances are endless. Okay, okay, scheduling conflicts are a struggle — but you never know what could happen.

There’s not much we wouldn’t do to see some of our faves on HTGAWM. All in good fun, we’ve rounded up some actors and actresses who we think would make awesome clients, lawyers, and ex-girlfriends on the show. Now, it’s important to note that this is all hypothetical (and a fangirl can dream) … but you have to admit that these actors would kill it on the show.

Here they are: 



Gabriel Mann

The Revenge alumni, in addition to needing his own Nolan Ross spinoff show, needs to have at least two episodes on HTGAWM. We could see it now — Gabriel as a a hot shot computer genius who has to protect his business (or, you know, is a hacker). Basically, he can reprise Nolan.  Is it just us or does the line in the gif totally belong in HTGAWM?

Guys. What if Nolan/Connor happened. This is all hypothetical — we love #Colliver . We promise. Don’t hurt us — but Connor does love his hackers.


Daniel Radcliffe

daniel radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe has proven he can play literally any character. We would love for him to be one of the squad’s clients with a really messed up backstory. Plus, we would pay money for him to ask Wes “Do I know you?”


Emma Roberts

"What fresh hell is this?"

SOURCE: Scream Queens on YouTube

Okay, okay. We know the Scream Queens and American Horror Story actress will be busy juggling two shows this year, but hear us out. Emma Roberts would kill (not literally) as a particularly sassy client ala Chanel.

Nick Jonas

nick jonas


The Scream Queens and Kingdom actor has proved that he have serious acting chops and he loves a challenging role. It would be interesting if he was a young lawyer opposing Annelise — or a law student wanting in on the Keating 5.


Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O'Brien

SOURCE: Tumblr

Imagine Dylan played an incredibly innocent teenager on trial for something he allegedly did. Just imagine. Annnnd then he developed a big crush on Laurel who has a soft spot for him but can’t return the feelings.

Grant Gustin

The Flash

SOURCE: rikerlynchfans’ Tumblr

He’s a frat boy who’s trying to pin his crime on somebody else. Maybe it’s Dylan O’Brien. We’re just thinking out loud here.

Robbie Kay

Heroes Reborn’s Robbie Kay can play sweet and innocent but can also be dark as all hell — have you seen him as Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time? He could play any type of character on the show. Maybe he’s sweet and innocent on the surface… with dark motives. Dun dun duuuuun.


John Stamos

john stamos


He can play the tough on the outside/ mush ball on the inside character we’ve seen him play in Full House and Grandfathered... but we’d like to see him as a sleazy lawyer. Maybe who hits on Michaela. And that’s how the Keating 5 win their care. Boom. Done.


Laura Prepon

laura prepon

SOURCE: Crushable

The Orange Is The New Black star could join her co-star Matt Mcgorry in the show as Asher’s angry ex-girlfriend from long ago and that really ruffles Bonnie’s feathers. We can see it now.


Emily Bett Rickards

We’re thinking she can take a departure from her brainy IT persona on Arrow. Actually, we’d love to see her be a bitchy lawyer for an episode or two.  Or is trying to pin a crime on a more “likely” suspect. Actually, we’re also getting kind of a devious secretary vibe. There’s so much she could play to.

Tatiana Maslany

Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany

SOURCE: rpgifhunters’ Tumblr

As twins. Why would she ever play one character. Seriously though, she can play literally anyone so dream up a character and a plot line for the show and she could do it.

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