31 Music Videos Every 90s Kid Watched On Family Channel

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Commercials weren’t always the bane of our existence. Back in the days when we frequented Family Channel, commercials were the key time for cute (staged) interviews, episode teasers and, most importantly, music videos.

These music videos include the baby versions of some of our favourite current pop stars (lookin’ at you Demi Lovato) and some groups that, while defunct, will always have a special place in our hearts (Cheetah sisters forever).

So, lets take a trip down memory lane and relive some of those music videos that we watched more often than we care to admit between episodes of Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven. Chances are, you still remember all the words to the tunes (we still do).


The Jonas Brothers’ “S.O.S”

Also all their Disney covers


Jesse McCartney’s “Because You Live”


Raven Symone’s “Backflip”


Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low”


Hannah Montana’s “Nobody’s Perfect”


Justin Bieber’s “One Time”


Hilary Duff’s “Come Clean”

And basically every other song off the album


Miley Cyrus’ “7 Things”


Demi Lovato’s “La La Land”

Honourable mention goes to “Get Back”

Selena Gomez’s “Naturally”


Cheetah Girls’ “Girl Power”


Raven-Symone’s “Some Call It Magic”


Lindsay Lohan’s “That Girl”


Crazy Frog’s “Axel” 


High School Musical’s The Start Of Something New


Jason Derulo’s “In My Head’


Jeannie Ortega’s “Crowded”


Keshia Chanté’s “Been Gone”


JoJo’s “Leave (Get Out)”


Jordan Pruitt’s “Outside Looking In”


Jordan Pruitt’s “Jump To The Rhythm”


Aly & A.J’s  “Do You Believe In Magic”


Allstar Weekend’s “Dance Forever”


High School Musical 2’s “What Time Is It”


Nickleback’s “Hero”


Christy Carlson Romano’s “Dive In”


Vanessa Hudgens’ “Come Back Back”


Ashley Tisdale’s “He Said She Said”


David Archuleta’s “Crush”

B5’s “Getcha Head In The Game”

On that note… B5’s “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf”



For your future listening pleasure:

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