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ANDPOP Joins Hedley On The Set Of Their “Lost In Translation” Music Video

Posted on September 29, 2015 by

The last time we saw the Canadian boys of Hedley, they took us on a tour of the set of their “Heaven in our Headlights” music video. This time around, ANDPOP’s own Simon Mohos
frolicked in the grass with the band on the set of their new music video for their recent jam “Lost In Translation.” Naturally, a lot of shenanigans ensued.

In between making grass angels, checking out craft services and, most importantly, partaking in some dynamite high faves, Simon sat down with lead singer Jacob Hoggard to talk conceptualizing music videos and the music videos big plot twist.

Click that play button to check out just how much fun Simon had (and the friends he made — what’s up Madeline?) on the set of “Lost In Translation.”


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