10 Reasons To Get Psyched For Little Mix’s New Album

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It’s no secret that here at Andpop we LOVE Little Mix, so when they announced that they were finally going to grace our ears with their new album we could barely contain our joy. Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jesy and Jade never disappoint when it comes to their music. There’s no doubt in our minds they’re going to bring the glamour and the sass — with the vocals to match. Just when we thought Get Weird couldn’t get better than its singles “Black Magic” and “Hair,” the British ladies went ahead and blessed our ears with “Love Me Like You” today.


The talented foursome have been making us wait for a third album for TWO YEARS. At least we had their first two wonderful pieces of work DNA and Salute to keep us sane, alongside singles “Black Magic, “Hair” and “Love Me Like You.  These singles are making the wait a bit easier — but harder all at the same time.


Here’s our 10 reasons to get psyched for Get Weird:


1. It will be full of positive girl-power anthems 

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Like “Salute”, “Little Me”, “Wings” the girls are all about strong lyrics and female empowerment. We can’t wait to hear what kind of anthems they bring to this album.


2. Perrie Edward’s other-wordly vocals 

There’s just something about her high notes that send us into a deep and beautiful trance.


3. If the artwork is any clue, prepare for a lot of fabulous sass




4. “Black Magic” was our first taste of Get Weird and it’s a wonderful pop-delight

With great pop songs come even greater music videos.


5. Then they followed it up with “Hair” which is probably one of the best breakup songs to ever grace our ears

So. Much. Sass.


6. They’ve spent 2 years crafting the songs and making sure it was their strongest album yet — so you know it’s going to slay


7. The track list looks amazing

With songs like “OMG” and “A.D.I.D.A.S”, we’re so intrigued!


8. Their voices blending together to create the most magical listening experience

And we finally get another whole album of it!


9. They had a few writing sessions with Jessie ~freaking~ J


So we already know that song is going to win at everything


10. Because it’s LITTLE MIX and that’s a reason in itself

Source: Degrassi.Wikia

“Get Weird” is available in stores and on iTunes on November 6.

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