Female Powerhouse Music Videos From This Week That We’re Playing On A Loop

Posted on September 23, 2015 by
Selena Gomez

It’s been a good week for music videos — especially for female artists. We love the kick ass music videos some of our favourite creative female singers and songwriters¬†have put out over the past week. We’ve been spoiled and we’re not complaining. We were already obsessed with these tracks about revenge, love and emotions — but then the music videos came along.

We have a lot of feelings about these videos and can’t help but keep going back to re-experience them.

We love seeing music videos that are so well done by our favourite female powerhouses.

These music videos are creative, stunning and just a lot of fun


On My Mind (Ellie Goulding)

We love how this track is a little different from what we’re used to from the British songstress. This music video is badass and features Ellie wearing some serious amazing clothing. The singer is seeking revenge in the music video and it’s, in a word, flawless. As for if this track is about Ed Sheeran…there’s no way to know for sure so let’s just enjoy the tune shall we? We love the track (and what it stands for) and love how fun the video is — it’s making us that much more impatient for the November 6 drop of her upcoming album Delirium.¬†



Why Don’t You Cry (Willow Smith)

This girl is dynamite. We’re so happy to see her dominate the music scene with her creativity. This music video and its track are so unique and we’re loving it. She’s doing her own thing and seems to be having tons of fun while doing it. You do you Willow.


Same Old Love (Selena Gomez)

We are all about this sultry music video. We love how the video depicts different types of love. Revival really can’t come soon enough.


Till It Happens To You (Lady Gaga)

We may not be able to watch this on a loop but we have definitely watched this emotional music video from powerhouse Lady Gaga a couple of times to really let it hit home. This music video about abuse on campus is important and really makes us think.

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