Bryan Cranston Talks Stripper Names & Choosing Roles

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You’re probably used to seeing Bryan Cranston as Walter White, Breaking Bad’s science school teacher turned drug entrepreneur. Or, if you’re a 90’s kid,  you’ll better remember him as Hal, Frankie Muniz’s too-chill father on Malcolm in the Middle.

In the biopic Trumbo, Bryan Cranston manages to set the bar even higher for himself as the titular role of real-life screen writer Dalton Trumbo. When Trumbo is blacklisted with other writers  for their communist beliefs (The Hollywood Ten, as you may remember from history class) they start to write movies under aliases.

That’s the movie in a nutshell — and you should probably watch it because it’s one of the sassiest, funniest period films we’ve seen in a while.

The (quite frankly) iconic actor sat down with ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos when he was in town promoting the film for TIFF and we had a lot of burning questions for him — including what his stripper name is.

Breaking Bad


If you’re wondering how we refrained from asking the actor to spit out some of his most memorable lines as Walter White — it was painful, but we made it through.

Walter White

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Click that play button to hear Bryan Cranston, in that perfect deep voice of his, talk choosing roles and, of course, his stripper name. 


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