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The ANDPOP Squad Name Their Top 5 & 1/2 YouTubers of 2015

Posted on August 14, 2015 by

We here at ANDPOP can’t get enough of YouTubers. There’s something so gratifying about finding a YouTube personality who you just connect with — who will keep you clicking through their channel for a whole afternoon, preventing you from any productivity.

So, the ANDPOP squad (hair model Simon Mohos, Intern Merna, writer person/editing newbie Brittany, Jacob 2.0 — A.K.A. Kyle and the now burnt Rob Ostfield) headed up to the roof at ANDPOP HQ on a bright and sunny day (sorry for the squinting) to let you know who we’re watching this year and why.

There are a lot of things we look for when we are scouting for new YouTube talent and these personalities have it all — mad editing skills, charisma, and something that just makes them so relatable.


Click play to find out who the ANDPOP squad is watching on YouTube


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