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10 Reasons Why Hailee Steinfeld Gives Us #TalentGoals

Posted on August 14, 2015 by
Hailee Steinfeld

There’s a lot to love about Hailee Steinfeld — which makes sense why she named her first single “Love Myself.”  Not only is the 18-year-old in our good books for dropping a song all about loving yourself. she also has a filmography to rival some of the most seasoned actors.

Not to mention the fact she’s worked with some of the greats i.e. Jeff Bridges, Anna Kendrick, the list goes on — and the young actress definately holds her own in these movies. After all, she is an Oscar nominee — but more on that later. Oh, also, did we mention she’s returning for Pitch Perfect 3? Did we get everything?

Right, she just debuted her music video for her single. Yeah, this girl is hard at work and is taking the acting and music industry by storm. She’s keeping a fast pace with her work and, overall, We are pretty excited about the phenomenon that is Hailee Steinfeld’s career. single

We expect to see a lot more of this talented actress and, in excitement for all the future Hailee Steinfeld things to come, we’ve compiled a list of reason of why she gives us ultimate #talentgoals.

 Here they are: 


1) Her music video for “Love Myself” is flawless, inspiring and so feel-good. Not to mention, it’s well done! 

Are you feeling empowered? We are.


2) She was the perfect addition to Pitch Perfect 2

Ah “Legacy.” Your awkwardness makes us love you that much more.


3) Remember when she joined Shawn Mendes for an acoustic rendition of “Stitches?” Her voice is seriously amazing

We can’t get enough of her singing. Can we get an album please? Yesterday? Kay, cool.


4) Did we mention she can sing totally unplugged? 

We love how goofy she is, even though she’s not helping us get this catchy song out of our heads.


5)  She’s also a clone. Not actually, but she makes for such a fun music video guest 

Bad Blood Music Video


Seriously, she could be in Orphan Black


6) She was nominated for an Oscar at 14-years-old for her role in True Grit

True Grit

SOURCE: Perez Hilton

How do you talent though?


7) She’s got the red carpet look down pat (P.S Canada loves you back).

Canada, I didn’t think it was possible for me to fall more in love with you. Thanks for having me @Much ??#MMVAs

A photo posted by hailee steinfeld (@haileesteinfeld) on



8) She’s so well spoken! We love her in interviews 

We just can’t get enough of her.


9) She’s just so charming. LOOK AT THIS FACE

Leave some cute for the rest of us. Sheesh.

10) She has sweet dance moves

Hailee Steinfeld


The music video and her Pitch Perfect role prove she can dance but we just like this gif. A lot.

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