10 MORE Canadian YouTubers Who Make Us Feel Patriotic

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Canadian YouTubers

You guys asked for a part two — so we’re giving it to you. We love the Canadian YouTubers out there representing us in all the pockets of YouTube, so we have to give our love to all of them

Whether they make videos about tech gadgets, games or fashion, they’re cool with us. It’s awesome to see ourselves being represented all across the platform — it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Canadians are invading YouTube, and we love it. They film, edit and are all over social media — you can’t miss them.


Here are some more Canadian YouTubers who on our radar (and our subscription list):



We really love our BookTubers — especially Raeleen! This Vancouver based YouTuber satisfies all of our bookish needs with her epic book hauls, discussion videos and, our favourite, her recommendation videos. She makes us laugh, makes us think, and generally makes us happy.



AsapSCIENCE is the perfect channel for educating yourself without feeling bogged down by words that keep you reaching for your dictionary. The channel’s hosts, Guelph grads Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit, break things down for us in their videos in a way for us that is simple, straight forward and educational.


Anthony DelucV

Anthony’s six month old YouTube channel makes us so happy. His editing game is just as strong as his style game, which is why his fashion channel is on our radar. There’s not enough men style YouTubers out there so it’s so cool to see Anthony being a trendsetter of sorts.


 Unbox Therapy 

Lewis unboxes (and reviews) all of the gadget-y things — yeah, his job is pretty cool. His YouTube channel is unique in how he analyzes gadgets and their worth. He makes us laugh out loud and informs us about tech-y things that we are not too familiar with (Thanks for helping us decide on our new phone). Not only does he have multiple segments on his channel, he also has  a second channel, More Top 5. He’s always keeping busy posting new and fresh videos, and he shows no signs of stopping. We also love his puns. Puns are fun.



This Bramptonian has us keeling over laughing with his relatable, hilarious YouTube videos. He understands us and our relationships wit our friends and parents on a spiritual level – he’s kind of our spirit animal. Seriously though, this guy knows what’s up.



Nicoletta may be one of the most enthusiastic, fun people to watch on YouTube. She’s so happy in front of her camera that the enthusiasm is just contagious. She makes us laugh, smile, and gives us serious #fashiongoals. Her hauls are the things of dreams and her sketch videos always make us giggle. She’s just an overall good time — you’re welcome in advance.


LaToya Forever

We have mad love for LaToya. From Q&A’s, to makeup videos to sketches, this gal does it all. Her YouTube channel has something for everyone.

Warning: Watching LaToya in public will cause embarrassing giggles.


Alex Centomo

Alex’s lifestyle channel covers everything you could need: fashion, travel, beauty — you name it, she has videos about it. We especially love all her travel videos from this summer — we’re jealous, but we appreciate the awesome content. Her editing is fun and her hair is flawless. Needless to say, she’s one of our all time faves. Seriously though. How do you fashion Alex. HOW DO YOU FASHION. We’d happily raid her closet full of Brandy Mellville and Free People items that are to die for. Yeah, her closet is the festival-goer’s wet dream.



Matt is the Canadian gamer on YouTube who you need to be watching. He’s hilarious and dedicated. Seriously though, he works seven days a week. He’s passionate and makes us laugh — a lot. We have all the respect in the world for his content and look forward to seeing him grow even more as a creator.



Gigi Gorgeous

This Mississauga raised YouTuber is one of our favourite beauty gurus. She keeps it real and encourages all of her subscribers to be themselves and embrace what makes them different. Her passion for fashion, beauty and life in general shines through in her videos and we just can’t get enough of it. Her electric personality is apparent in all of her videos and we are proud to call her a fellow Canadian. Gigi is #Flawless,.

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