5 Dream Tour Groups We Would Kill To See Live

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5 Dream Tours We Would Love To See Happen

Imagine this: You’re jumping up and down because your favourite musician just announced a new tour — but then you find out their opening act. This band makes zero sense; they don’t share your fave’s vibe or target audience. Naturally, you’re left wondering why this band has been chosen to perform for 40 minutes at every concert to get the audience “hyped.”

It’s obviously a trick. Maybe you’re getting “rick rolled.” You expect to be directed to a link of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but it doesn’t happen.

It’s time to click that red button. You’re officially in panic mode.

It’s not all bad though, because sometimes we’re blessed with the music lineups of our dreams.  Throw back to when 5 Seconds of Summer toured with One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s tour, Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run tour etc. Those were the times.

As of late, we’ve lucked out with some pretty perfect lineups. Yeah, we’re talking about you George Ezra, James Bay and Coasts. As much as these shows are everything we could ask for and more — we could ask for more. A full fledged tour.

There are some acts that just have to share the stage, and here they are: 


James Bay, Ed Sheeran and Tom Odell

5 Dream Tours We Would Love To See Happen

Picture this: James Bay kicks off the show getting the crowd hyped up and dancing. You need a little break to calm down and collect yourself but still enjoy your time, so Tom Odell comes in with his piano to make you fall in love just a little (see: a lot). Finally, Ed Sheeran walks onto the stage with his loop pedal and guitar ready to get you back up on your feet.


HAIM and Lana Del Rey

5 Dream Tours We Would Love To See Happen

If you haven’t dreamed of this tour, you’re having the wrong dreams. The Haim sisters and Lana would send fans into a big frenzy. Haim would open up and end their set with “The Wire,” making us so excited that we wouldn’t want the show to end. Then we’d remember, it’s not done — we have Queen Lana next. How can you go wrong with this show?


Twenty One Pilots And Halsey

5 Dream Tours We Would Love To See Happen

Ever since Halsey surprised the crowd at Lollapalooza with Josh Dun (of Twenty One Pilots) on the drums, we’ve had this tour on our minds. Halsey would have the crowd falling love and then Twenty One Pilots would come out and no fucks would be given. Best. Tour. EVER.


Rixton and Little Mix

5 Dream Tours We Would Love To See Happen

How cute would this be? The combined catchy music of both acts would make for the best two hours of our life. Little Mix would provide the girl power that’s always needed and appreciated while Rixton would offer their emotional tunes that’ll leave you crying in a corner. There’s nothing (really, nothing) we wouldn’t do to witness a duet between Jake Roche (lead singer of Rixton) and his fiancé, Jesy Nelson of Little Mix. Leave some cute for the rest of us guys.


Fifth Harmony and One Direction

5 Dream Tours We Would Love To See Happen

We continuously wonder why this tour hasn’t happened yet. After all, they’re both on the same label. Simon Cowell helped put both of them together, so why not put them on the same stage together? The world will thank you Mr. Cowell.  We’d call it the X Tour. As in X Factor. They were both on X Factor.

We tried.


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