7 Steps For An Efficient Shopping Trip

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Shopping trip

Shopping could be an olympic sport. Not actually — but hear us out.

We love ourselves some retail therapy, but shopping trips don’t always result in skipping and jumping.  Sometimes, we have that dreaded moment where we leave the mall without an outfit for that important event we have that night (yay for procrastination), or we leave with a few too many bags and a nice dent in our credit card.

We are here to save you from such a horrific fate. After all, shopping can be a fun day-long activity if you do it right and we want to help you make that happen.

If you’re looking to make a big shopping trip whether it be for back to school shopping or you just want to treat yourself, you may want to take these precautions: 


1) Find A Partner

Blair Waldorf and Serena Shopping

SOURCE: Her Campus

The buddy system has never been so crucial. Everyone shops differently, which is why it’s key to find someone who you are compatible with. In other words, don’t pick that friend who takes forever to try clothing on – but also don’t pick that person who won’t try anything on period. To be honest, sometimes shopping solo is the most efficient (if that’s your thing).  If not, be selective.


… Maybe hold auditions.


2) Prepare For A Workout

Carrie Bradshaw Shopping


Rompers may be cute and easy, but they are a complete pain in the tush to take on and off repeatedly. When planning your outfit for a day of shopping, wear something sweat resistant that you are okay taking off and on — a lot. No one wants to be sticky when trying on clothing.

Work out clothing is not excessive. It’s preferred.


3) Pick Your Wardrobe

Joey Tribiani Layers


Dresses may be cozy, but what happens when you want to show off a pair of jeans to your friend? Layers (but not too many) are key. At the least, have a top and bottom.  Our advice? You can’t go wrong with a pair of leggings and a longer top cute and comfortable — the key to all of our shopping woes.


4) Wear A Good Bra

Parks And Rec Gif

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

This may seem obvious, but how often have you gone to try something on only to remember you’re wearing your hot pink bra today? A neutral coloured bra that is comfortable will be your best friend. We promise.


5) Plan ahead

Set a plan of action. What stores do you want to hit up? Avoid that dreaded situation where every store you want to go to is in another wing of the mall.

We’re looking at you Vaughan Mills.

Pick a route that makes the most sense.  This route will almost always include an Aroma stop for a coffee. Got to keep yourself fuelled!


6) Set A Budget

Blair Waldorf Shopping


Set a budget— then set a budget for how much over your budget you’re willing to go.

You with us?

Head to the mall with an overall idea of how much you are willing to spend over all, and how much you are willing to spend on specific items. Willing to put down 60 bucks on a new pair of good jeans? That’s totally reasonable. Not willing to spend over 20 bucks on a new pair of leggings? Also okay.


7) Expect The Unexpected

Did you walk into a store planning on finding a cheap skirt for work only to make eye contact with the shoes of your dreams? It happens to the best of us. Can you can live without it? Don’t get it. Do you have something similar? don’t get it.

Does the idea of leaving the store without it hurt you? Is the price perfect?  Get it or else you will spend the next month trying to find something similar for the same price and it will never come.


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