YouTube Tuesday: Kian Lawley Debuts The Official Trailer For His Film, The Chosen And More!

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Youtube Tuesday: Kian Lawley In The Chosen And More!

ANDPOP’s Intern Merna is obsessed with YouTube. She’s currently subscribed to 338 YouTube channels and is always on the lookout for some new online talent. As our resident YouTube FANatic, Intern Merna will list the videos that you should be watching, sharing and liking, all from channels you should be subscribed to.

This week, Kian Lawley gives us a glimpse into his first leading role in a movie, BFvsGF’s Jesse and Jeana sneak into an amusement park, Joe Sugg makes fans very happy and Giovanna Fletcher wants young girls to cop a feel.

Giovanna Fletcher Wants Young Girls To CoppaFeel

As a Boob Ninja for CoppaFeel, Giovanna Fletcher advises her fans to to check their boobies to catch any lumps and bumps that may be early signs of breast cancer.


Casey Neistat Visits NYC Pride Parade

With fellow YouTuber Ben Brown, daily vlogger Casey Neistat gave us a different perspective of NYC pride parade.


Joe Sugg Makes Fans Happy On YouNow!

We know this is a sponsored video but we couldn’t help but smile watching it. Joe Sugg teamed up with Coca Cola to help share some happiness during their #ChooseHappiness week on YouTube. The fan reactions to Joe were just as funny as Joe’s reactions to the fans.


Our Prankster Couple Sneak Into A Closed Amusement Park

We have so much love for Jesse and Jeana of Prank Vs Prank. This couple always manage to find something fun and exciting to do without having to travel too far. In this vlog, the couple stay in an amusement park past closing time and basically fulfill every thrill seeker’s dream: ride the rides without the lines.


Kian Lawley Reveals The Trailer For His Debut Film, The Chosen

It’s always a great day in the community when a YouTuber follows a dream outside of YouTube.

Considering Kian Lawley’s dreams of acting has kept him busy and off of YouTube, it’s extra exciting to see what he’s been working on.

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