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The ANDPOP Squad Plays The Head Up Drinking Game

Posted on May 29, 2015 by ANDPOP Staff

It’s a sad day here at ANDPOP as we say goodbye to one of our own. Our video editor Jacob Morris is leaving the hallowed, cute boy-covered cubicles (sorry, Zayn) of ANDPOP HQ to do his own thang. We know, we know: who’s going to be your ANDPOP #MCM now when Simon Mohos‘ manbun is off fleek (a rare occasion)? But we digress.

We wanted Jacob to end his ANDPOP days on a high note so we’ve put a little twist on one of our favourite past times to create the Heads Up Drinking Game!

The rules are pretty simple:

– Play with Ellen Degeneres “Heads Up” app as you normally would
– BUT whenever someone passes on a clue, everyone has to drink (it’s a team effort after all).
– AND whoever gets the least number of right answers by the end of each round must chug the rest of their beer.

It’s a pretty fun way to spend an afternoon—as long as you drink responsibly!

With stomachs full of Mexican food (we literally went for the whole enchilada), Simon and editor Portia Baladad join Jacob to play a couple of rounds on the ANDPOP rooftop. Who won? Who lost? And was drinking on already full bellies a terrible idea? You better hit play to find out!

A huge thanks to Flying Monkeys Craft Beer for providing the delicious beer!


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