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FIRSTS: Kastor & Pollux On What To Pack For Your Next Trip

Posted on October 20, 2014 by

This episode of FIRSTS is sponsored by Bioré. The company has also provided all the Bioré products seen in this video.

The world is a wonderful, beautiful place and you deserve to see more of it in real life.

But after you spend an endless number of Friday nights at home, planning and saving for your trip, the last thing you want to think about is packing for it. We know how much of a nightmare it is to feel as if you have too much stuff or, god forbid, not enough. After all, being unprepared in a strange place is terrible already, but to be unprepared and look like a mess is even worse.

Having jetted off to New York Fashion Week countless of times, who better to ask for some advice on how to pack a stylish wardrobe than Kastor and Pollux’s Dani and Bianca?

In this episodes of FIRSTS, the bloggers-slash-designers run through their adventure must-haves. Dani and Bianca show us what they would pack to keep their faces feeling fresh on the plane (not impossible!) and keep them feeling cozy while miles away from home.

So get ready for you first big trips with these great tips!

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