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FIRSTS: First Date Advice with The Sorry Girls

Posted on October 14, 2014 by ANDPOP Staff

This episode of FIRSTS is sponsored by Bioré. The company has also provided all the Bioré products seen in this video.

Between the sweaty palms and the fear of talking too much (or god forbid, not enough!), no one likes first date jitters. It always feels like there’s just too much on the line, as if one wrong move, one wrong shiny accessory will drive away your soulmate just because you couldn’t make a good first impression.

In this episode of FIRSTS, Kelsey and Becky of The Sorry Girls are back to walk us through how they get ready for a first date. From showing us how they keep their faces nice and clean to picking out a date-worthy outfit, The Sorry Girls are here to help you feel a little less stressed about meeting “the one.” While we can’t meditate with you before your first date, we hope you feel a little more at ease with these tips!

Next week, the girls of Kastor and Pollux show you how to pack for your first big trip!

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