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kastor and pollux

Kastor and Pollux’s dynamic design and blogging duo Bianca Venerayan and Dani Roche are mostly likely the best dressed BFFLs you’ll ever see.

The two first met during one fateful summer morning, a moment which they’ve described as “if the stars finally aligned and choruses of angels began to beckon the beginning of a new era.” With a shared passion in thrift shopping and starting an online shop, and aided by Bianca’s background in HTML and Dani’s design skills, the two then went onto launch their first website (the online shop Plastic Skyline) in 2008. Now older and wiser, the two have since changed things up with Kastor and Pollux, an online shop and blog rolled into one.

It’s safe to say we’re not the only ones in love; Bianca and Dani have worked with the likes of Topshop, Roots, Call It Spring, Forever21 and many more of your favourite brands. Sometimes I wonder if they get enough sleep.

Seeing as they have a unique sense of style, who better to spice this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday than the Toronto-based duo?

Don’t know much about Dani and Bianca? Here’s why you’ll be crushing on these girls:

They’re Awesome Designers

Bianca Venerayan


Named two of Toronto life’s Best Dressed people of 2013, it’s no surprise that these girls can hold their own and make their own. In fact, they design their own eye-catching jewelry and clothing line.

Just take a peak at their forthcoming Fall/Winter 2014 collection on kastorandpollux.com. There are already a few pieces we can’t take our eyes off and their GIFs make it that much more fun to shop too!

They’re Fun

They maybe serious about their fashion career, but these girls still know how to have fun.

The fashionable duo let their cute and quirky charm shine through as they try to teach us how to cook on YouTube.

They’re also up for a good YouTube challenge. Just check them out doing the “Blind Make-Up Challenge” on each other!

Their Instagram Game is Strong

With catchy phrases and captions, how can you not burst out a little giggle when reading their instagram ?

Even when rocking out your OOTD, it’s always cute to keep the caption light and funny.

Kastor and Pollux

SOURCE: Kastor and Pollux on Instagram

This is how they celebrate Easter:

IMO, these matching outfits are a home run.

Their Blog


SOURCE: blog.kastorandpollux.com

If you like style blogs that feature actually do-able DIYs, cute poetry and amazing outfits, then you should check out the blog side of Kastor and Pollux. They’ll no doubt inspire you to take a step outside of your style comfort zone with their unique sense of style. Also, how can you say no to poetry like this:

This is a two part crafty collective
This is – dare I say it? – a back to school incentive.
In conjunction with our friends at Call It Spring,
We’ve DIY-ed some bags so you can impress your ting 😉
By starting off with a needle and thread,
These bags were once plain – but now they’re fancy instead.
Sewing and threading,
Gluing and embedding,
You’ll be the chicest gal at school,
Who will be sure to let everyone know that backpacks are cool.

Bye (4 realsies)

Cute, right?

They Induce Hair Envy

When scrolling their Instagram feeds, it seems as if these girls can flawlessly rock any hair style and colour.

Make sure to keep an eye out on ANDPOP.com in the coming weeks for our very own collab series with Kastor and Pollux’s Dani and Bianca!

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