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The Fangirl’s Survival Guide

Posted on September 3, 2014 by
The Fangirl's Survival Guide: Shailene Woodley

Your favourite celebrity whose work (be it a song, album, movie, book, etc.) touched your very being is coming to town, and it would mean the world if you could just meet them and say, “Wow, thank you for changing my life.”

So whether it’s at the airport, before/after a show, outside their hotel, outside a studio, you have to meet them. It’s a must. As such, you’ve decided to spend an entire day in the big city looking for them. It’ll no doubt be an adventure you’ll fondly look back on years from now, but just make sure you’re prepared. You don’t want to spend the whole day miserable to only catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity as they’re whisked away by security.

From one fangirl to another, here are 8 tips that will help you make your experience that much more enjoyable.


Dress Appropriately

I get it: you want to look so cute that your idol instantly falls in love with you. Realistically, your outfit won’t be in clear view of anyone so dress for the weather. That means refraining from wearing that cute BUT thin dress in -10 celsius weather—it’s bound to happen when you live in Canada. Nothing is worth the frost bite or cold you’re in danger of getting. NOTHING. Unless 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings is right in front of you on one knee and ready to propose, that is.


Bring Snacks

Trust me: it’s not lame to have packed snacks while you’re waiting in line for a concert. There’s a high possibility that there won’t be many food options around. You’ll also be saving time and money by not looking for nearby fast food joints or convenience stores.


Do Your Research

Before the day of the “celeb hunt,” make sure you do some research for any potential interviews or meet ups. Celebs may be willing to meet fans before or after an interview. Doing a little work pays off, trust me!


Bring a Camera or Something to Sign

SOURCE: lfpress.com

SOURCE: lfpress.com

You’re probably thinking, “Merna, my phone takes all my photos.” Do you really want a low-res/dark photo? If you have a simple point and shoot camera, I highly recommend bringing it. Speaking from a person who’s printed out iPhone photos, they’re not exactly what I wanted.

In some cases, the person can’t stop for individual photos, so it doesn’t hurt to have an autograph book/a photo/their album for them to sign. This way, you’re not walking away from your encounter with nothing.


Bring A Charger

You may do your best to avoid using your phone all day —you’ve even turned off your data to conserve energy—but it won’t work. You’ll eventually have to turn on Twitter to get the latest updates on your fav celeb’s whereabouts, or message your friends to get their location. With all that use, your phone will quickly go from a 100 per cent charge to 30, so make sure you bring a charger. It’s a must. Or, if you know an available outlet won’t be nearby, splurge and buy a portable charger.

That way, when you’re all excited to have met Fifth Harmony, you have enough juice to tweet out a thank you or even snap a selfie for your Instagram.


Get Text Notifications

If your idol is on social media, Twitter in particular, I highly recommend getting their tweets sent to your phone. It doesn’t use data, which is perfect for conserving battery life, and you’ll know exactly where they are when they tweet. If you know their manager’s Twitter or anyone else on their team, getting their tweets sent to your phone is a bonus.

Here’s how to activate text notifications:

1. Go on twitter on your computer

2. Go to “settings” on the upper right corner of your profile

3. Select “Mobile” from the options

4. Follow the steps on how to connect phone to your account

5. Make sure to tick “Tweets from people you’ve enabled for mobile notifications”

6. Save changes at the bottom of the page

7. Go to your idol’s account and next to the “following” button, click on the settings icon.

8. Lastly, Turn on mobile notifications

And voila! You will now be updated via text messages.

SOURCE: imgarcade.com

SOURCE: imgarcade.com


Do Not Have High Expectations

Here’s where I get serious. Don’t start the day thinking you’re going to meet your idol, fall in love, he/she will follow you on Twitter, tweet you and/or give you free passes to a show. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to think positive, but holding onto high expectations will certainly make sure you end the day feeling like crap. Like Nathan Sykes, be slightly pessimistic. It’s great going into a day thinking nothing special will happen, and when something great does occur, you won’t be disappointed.


Be Patient

You will be waiting a long time. If no one shows up in the first hour, don’t give up. It takes more than an hour to meet your idol or even get through the venue doors.

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