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10 Times Anna Kendrick Charmed The Pants Off Of Us

Posted on September 3, 2014 by

Anna Kendrick is like the best friend we’ve always wanted to have…except that she’s more famous and successful than many of us will ever be.

The 29-year-old actress, who first got her start on Broadway’s High Society, boasts a very impressive resume. She became the third youngest Tony nominee of all time (she was 12 at the time) and has since worked in films like Pitch Perfect, 50/50 and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. As well, she’s acted alongside the likes of George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp.  And at the age of 24,  she earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Up In The Air. 

But despite getting an early start on Broadway, Anna has made a smooth transition into a leading Hollywood actress without falling into the stereotype of a bratty former child star. Humble, funny and always endearing, Anna has never failed to charm us in her work and during interviews because she always makes us feel that we’re laughing along with her.

Anna will be at the Toronto International Film Festival this year to support three projects: The Last Five YearsThe Voices, and Cake. But as we wait impatiently for the festival’s start on Thursday (Sept. 4), here are 10 charming moments Anna gave us to help us with the painful wait.

When she went K-Pop with F(x)

Anna got a taste of the Hallyu wave when she teamed up with the K-Pop girl group F(x). Pulling out all the stops to immerse herself into the culture, Anna got a full makeover, did recording sessions and even soldiered through some dance rehearsals. Anna, you’re so versatile!

When she covered the “Cups” song

First performed by Lulu and the Lampshades, Anna popularized their song “You’re Gonna Miss Me” when she covered it in Pitch Perfect. Known as the “Cups” song, Anna’s impressive performance and cups routine led to a music video and even became a viral sensation as seemingly everyone and their mom posted their own covers of the Pitch Perfect track on the Internet.

When she fangirled over Beyoncé

Having worked with the likes of George Clooney, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, you’d think that someone with Anna’s fame wouldn’t be phased by superstars. But when it comes to meeting the Queen (a.k.a. Beyoncé), she can get a little starstruck.

Anna was adorable as she recounted her experience to Conan O’Brien about being within Beyoncé’s “aura.” Especially charming was when she showed the audience the photo of her encounter. Like a true fangirl, she even drew a heart over the picture.

When she nailed her performance at the Kennedy Center Honors

While Anna’s no stranger to performing in front of big crowds, singing in front of the likes of the the First Couple, Stevie Wonder, Kathy Bates and Billy Joel would still be enough to get some nerves, right?

Apparently not considering how she absolutely NAILED her performance during the Kennedy Center Honors. Doing a live tribute to Shirley MacLaine, Anna’s singing impressed the crowd and even earned her a blow kiss from the Broadway legend herself.

When she worked this mysterious job

Oh Anna, stick to your day job!

In this short film called The Call for Fast Company, the actress gets tied down in a boring office job where she does little to nothing at all. From awkwardly answering phone calls, getting Post-Its stuck on her fingers to wondering what it feels like to live as a fish, it’s really no surprise why she chose a more exciting career path as an actress!

When she questioned whether she was “beer commercial hot”

What we also love about Anna is the fact that she’s modest. Because despite being absolutely stunning in whatever she wears, she still has moments where she ponders over whether she’s “beer commercial hot” or “approachable hot.” Funny, witty and adorable, Anna truly displays that she’s the whole package in this “non-Super Bowl” commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale.

When Rebel Wilson interviewed her

With her Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson shooting questions at her, it was only a matter of time before the two funny ladies charmed us with their self-deprecating humour and praise for each other. It was also particularly adorable when Rebel kissed Anna’s hand…even if it was done unwillingly.

When she owned the stage at The Tony Awards

A 12-year-old Anna was a star-in-the-making back in 1998. Becoming the third youngest Tony nominee for her role in High Society, she held her own by leading a performance of Cabaret’s “Life Upon The Wicked Stage” during a concert special titled, “My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies.” Spunky and sassy, this was the beginning of a very illustrious career for the pint-sized Anna.

When she hosted SNL and sang about “dongs”

anna kendrick

SOURCE: Saturday Night Live

During her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live, Anna teamed up with the show’s hilarious group of actresses and sang about some “special” male body parts. But what’s so special here isn’t the topic or Icona Pop’s little cameo in the video. Anna breaks it down with a pretty intense rap, making us wonder if she’ll ever consider a second career as an emcee. (And yes, we’d totally buy that record!)

Check out the music video here.

And whenever she tweets

Just one scroll through Anna’s Twitter account will show you how funny and relatable she actually is. From her daily musings, celebrity interactions and life struggles, Anna shows us it’s OKAY to be a little awkward.

Case in point:

She has an unhealthy relationship with Netflix like we do…

She understands the importance of sports…

And when it comes to Ryan Gosling, the struggle is real…

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