Tyler Oakley Interviews Darren Criss in Newest “Auguest” Video

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We expected the unexpected from Tyler Oakley’s “Auguest” this year, but nothing could have prepared us quite enough for this. Just when we though nothing could shock us quite as much as the YouTube sensation’s interview with One Direction, he went and made a video with Glee’s Darren Criss.

The video, which has definitely been a long time coming, includes a hilarious rapid fire round, some sweet shared sentiments, and a lot of giggling. It also guarantee’s┬ásome flailing on the part of the viewers since long time subscribers of Tyler Oakley are well aware of the history between these two talented men.

Tyler’s love for Darren is no secret, as following dressing up as a Warbler for halloween, he uploaded a video reacting to leaked pictures from Darren’s Sexiest Man Alive photo shoot for People. This is not including the pairs many interactions on the Trevor Live red carpet that consistently left Tyler (and us) farklempt.

Tyler Oakley

SOURCE: VoteWithDarren’s Tumblr

It may take a while to get through this video considering it will probably require quite a few pauses to gather all of your feelings. It seems like this video is the ultimate full circle moment for Tyler who has probably (definitely) fantasizing about this moment since Darren sang the first bars of “Teenage Dream.” To think that these two men, who’s talent and charm has won over the hearts of so many, both started with a video uploaded to YouTube…it’s enough to blow your mind.

Tyler Oakley

SOURCE: AndrewRannelsAdorable’s Tumblr

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