Dylan O’Brien Takes a Lesson in New ‘The Maze Runner’ Teaser

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We feel a tad bit better bow about that wait for the release of The Maze Runner, since a new teaser has been dropped for the film giving us an insight on the maze.

The teaser shared by 20th Century Fox UK shows Dylan O’Brien’s (Teen Wolf) character Thomas getting the run down about the rules of the maze, and the responsibilities of being a Maze Runner.

The film adaptation of the James Dashner dystopian novel of the same name follows Thomas as he enters the maze with no memory of who he is. Together with the group of boys who are also stuck in what is called “The Glade,” Thomas explores the surrounding maze for some sort of sign of how to get get out, and struggles to survive in doing so. Yeah, we know, intense. Skins’ own Kaya Scodelario also stars in the film as Theresa, the mystery girl who comes just to shake things up a bit more. Because, you know, the whole “being stuck in a maze” thing isn’t bad enough.

We can’t wait to see O’Brien kick some serious butt in this film alongside the stellar cast which includes We The Millers’ Will Poulter and  ).  If all goes well, maybe we will get adaptions of the next two novels in The Maze Runner’s trilogy. Fans of the novels know that the craziness starts in The Maze Runner, and that it just gets more insane in the books that follow. The good news is, the rights has already been bought for the second book, The Scorch Trials.

The Maze Runner hits theatres September 19.

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