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#WCW – Chloë Grace Moretz

Posted on August 27, 2014 by

While Chloë Grace Moretz may only just be 17, it seems as if she’s been around for ages. Starting a career in Hollywood at the tender age of seven is enough to make us jealous of her many skills. She was bad-ass Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass, a vampire kid in the remake of Let Me In and most recently, as Mia Hall in the book-to-film adaptation of If I Stay.

But even though she won’t be kicking ass in a prequel for Kick-Ass, she still has many projects to come. As she’ll be making her way to the Toronto International Film Festival for her films The Equalizer and Laggies, it would only make sense for this teen beauty to be our Women Crush Wednesday this week!

Here’s why we love her:

 She can kick ass

SOURCE: wifflegif.com

SOURCE: wifflegif.com

While she may just be another ‘child’ actress to you, this girl is one bad ass chick. If you’ve seen her in the Kick-Ass films, you’d know that she can totally keep up with the boys as her character Hit-Girl.

She’s a diverse actress

From horror to action to drama, Chloë can do it all. In 2012, Moretz also starred in a music video directed by Drew Barrymore alongside other actors like Tyler Posey, Miranda Cosgrove and Donald Glover.

She has the best tweets

Chloe was one of our #MustFollowMondays back in June, and for good reason. Just one read through her Twitter account gives us a good indication of her fun and likeable personality:

She’s pretty hilarious and tells things how it is.

She’s always got times for fans


She’s down to earth

It’s very refreshing to see that fame hasn’t gotten to her head. Having been in the entertainment industry for a decade, she remains an adorable 17-year-old girl. Earlier this month, she spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about DJing her brother’s wedding and the songs she played.

She even spilled to Wendy Williams back in 2013 about how her mother wouldn’t let her buy expensive things! Oh celebs, they’re just like us.


Are you excited to see her at the TIFF festival next week? The festival runs from Sept. 4 -14.

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