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Wiz Khalifa Explains Why He Stays Stoned All Day

Posted on August 26, 2014 by

If you talked to us just over a year ago, we would’ve said a Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus collaboration was a crazy idea. The move to work with a rapper who spit rhymes about getting high as often as Snoop Dogg did would be too sudden for a former Disney channel queen looking to shed her skin.

Alas, a Wiz-Miley collab is exactly what we want right now — it’s just too bad the song was scrapped before it could find a place in his latest album, Blacc Hollywood (out now!).

Wiz Khalifa recently sat down with ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos and opened up on what happened with his song with Miley. He also talks about what it’s like to get high with Miley, the creative process behind writing his fifth studio album, and his crazy dreams.

Make sure to hit play to watch all that and more!

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