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Justin Bieber Is Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery

Posted on August 26, 2014 by
justin bieber

TMZ reports that Justin Bieber is under investigation for attempted robbery for trying to take a man’s cellphone after he was caught taking pictures and videos of the pop star and Selena Gomez at Dave & Buster’s Monday night.

Bieber reportedly also reacted to getting his picture taken by “lunging” at the fan, but his security got in the way before he could make contact. TMZ also states that Bieber left the arcade and sports bar before the police arrived.

The fan currently wants to press charges, so Bieber is now being investigated for three possible crimes: attempted robbery (stealing the pictures), attempted battery and attempted theft (taking the phone away to deprive the fan of pictures and videos). This is particularly serious as Bieber is currently on probation for egging someone’s house.

Oh, Justin. We hope your life figures itself out soon!

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