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Billy Eichner And Seth Meyers Ask New Yorkers About The Emmys

Posted on August 26, 2014 by
Billy Eichner and Seth Meyers

While last night’s Emmy Awards were a bit of a snorefest (after all, the Academy seems to think The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are the only comedies on television at the moment), a highlight was undoubtedly the ‘Billy On The Street’ segment asking New Yorkers about the the awards show.

Featuring comedian Billy Eichner and Emmy host Seth Meyers, the snippet featured the pair running around the streets of New York and bombarding strangers with questions like, “It’s television’s biggest night, can you feel it?”

But while most people seemed unaware it was the night of the Emmys (it WAS on a Monday this year), Eichner spit a lot of truths.

The Mindy Project was snubbed!” he cried.”They made her (Mindy Kaling) get up at 5 AM to announce the nominations and they didn’t even nominate her!”

But the best joke was undoubtedly when Eichner asked a man to donate money to the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Because in case you didn’t remember, stars Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki recently made a deal with Warner Bros. Television to receive $1 million per episode.

Watch the video here:

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