Highs And Lows Of The 2014 VMAs

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Samantha Lui and Portia Baladad
beyonce and family at VMAs

If you missed the VMAs last night (August 24), rest assured that there were no inappropriately-used foam fingers or wild twerking from Miley Cyrus witnessed. While the show was definitely a lot more subdued than last year’s, the awards this year were filled with many highs (Queen B, that is all) and lows (what was that Robin Williams tribute?). We’ve got you covered on some of the highlights from last night’s spectacle.


Beyonce’s VMA Performance 

Beyonce Feminist


Being honoured with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award last night, Beyoncé delivered an EPIC 16-minute finale singing a medley of the songs from her latest self-titled album, ‘Beyoncé.’ While there were no costume changes for the singer, the 32-year-old shone with her pure talent, letting her vocals and dance moves do the work. They don’t call this woman Queen B for nothing! It was especially empowering and inspiring when the word ‘FEMINIST’ popped onto the screen behind her, garnering screams from the crowd.

A homeless man named Jesse accepts Miley Cyrus’ VMA 

Miley Cyrus may have won an award last night for Video of the Year, but rather than accept the award herself, she enlisted her date to do it for her. Bringing a homeless man named Jesse to the awards, he climbed up the stage and explained to the audience how they could donate to My Friend’s Place, a homeless centre for young people in Hollywood. It was especially cute and inspiring when the camera cut to an emotional Cyrus watching in the audience.

Nicki Minaj hangs on with her wardrobe malfunction

nicki minaj at the VMAs 2014


Helping open up her show with her booty-shakin’ new single ‘Anaconda’, Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction when it was time for her to hit the stage with Jessie J and Ariana Grande to rap her verse from their girl-anthem ‘Bang Bang.’ Not having enough time to zip up her black dress in time, Minaj multi-tasked like a champ and rapped her part while holding the dress together! Way to keep the show going!

Sam Smith kills it on stage with ‘Stay With Me’

Sam Smith VMA


Oh, Sam Smith. Every time you sing, I swear an angel is born. Soulful and emotional, there are no other words to describe this performance other than PURE CLASS. You can sing anything and make it sound amazing! What a great VMAs debut!

Blue Ivy

 blue ivy at the VMAs


While the night was undoubtedly Beyoncé’s, she was nearly overtaken by her adorable two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, who was seen waving and dancing in the crowd while her mother performed. We couldn’t help shed a tear when she and her father Jay Z climbed onto the stage to present Queen B with her award. And when she yelled,”Good job, Mommy!” into the microphone, the world imploded with at the sight of her cuteness. ALL HAIL BLUE IVY!



The Robin Williams’ Tribute

robin williams tribute


After Fifth Harmony’s fan-fuelled Artist to Watch win (great job, Harmonizers!), MTV cut to a really quick “tribute” to Robin Williams before going into commercial. The twenty-second segment (we’re being really generous here) looked more like quick scroll through Google Image search than an actually honour. What a shame.

The Kardashians During the Moment of Silence for Ferguson

kardashian texting


Rapper Common took the show to a more serious note by reminding the audience of the power of entertainment, more notably rap music, and of the ongoing protests over the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Miss. He then led the crowd into a moment of silence which, apparently, the Kardashian brood couldn’t be bothered with as they were caught looking at their phones. This lack of attentiveness is something that we would expect from the NRA, not a celebrity who happens to be married to a rapper (Kanye) whose last album (Yeezus) was as politically charged as they come.

Trey Songz Calls the Black Keys ‘the Black Eyes”

trey songz vmas


Despite being one of rock’s most popular bands at the moment, someone at MTV just can’t seem to get the Black Keys’ name right. Back in 2010, they received a moon man statue in the mail but soon discovered it was mislabelled as “The Black Eyed Peas.” On Sunday night, Trey Songz called them “The Black Eyes.” Did he take lessons in presenting from Kendall Jenner.

MTV Cuts From Miley’s Epic Acceptance Speech To Maroon 5

Maroon 5 performance

SOURCE: Rich Polk for Getty Images

After Miley’s friend Jesse accepted the Video of the Year trophy on her behalf, MTV cut right to Maroon 5’s upbeat parking lot performance. WAY TO READ THE ROOM, GUYS.

Jay Pharaoh

Was Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharaoh supposed to be the night’s host? If so, asides from his signature Jay Z impression, his efforts came off as weak. He didn’t even deliver new Drake jokes.

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