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Robert Pattinson Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Because He Cares

Posted on August 21, 2014 by

Zac Efron nominated Robert Pattinson to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge earlier this week, but no one thought he would do it because he has no Instagram, Facebook or any other social media account on the Internet.

But alas, in the spirit of goodwill, Mr. Pattinson found a way. He got Efron to upload it on his YouTube account instead.

“Thanks for your nomination, Efron. Thanks very much,” he said nervously. “I couldn’t find a bucket in such short notice. I had to improvise.”

Then scrunching up his face, he had a pot full of ice poured down his head and was met with strong gusts of water from a hose.

But when he tried to nominate Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska and Marilyn Manson to do the challenge next, Pattinson’s suffering didn’t end. Clearly having too much fun, his pals continued to spray water and throw red cups at his face.

Oh, Rob. You socially-inept man. Please get yourself a Twitter account, because we think you’d be hilarious!!

To learn more about ALS, please click here.

And if you want to laugh more at celebs doing ALS Bucket Challenges, look no further than Cody Simpson’s.

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