5 Tips To Having The Best Frosh Week Ever

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Frosh Week is a very important part of your initiation into university. It’s almost as important as going to class and that stuff. As exciting as Frosh Week can be, there is a lot than can go awry. Here are 5 tips to having a successful frosh!

1. Make friends

Frosh week can be a make it or break it moment for most University students. This is the perfect time to meet everyone you can, network, and maybe meet a go-to-study buddy (or, you know, another kind of buddy…). You don’t have to make friends with everyone (and who has that kind of time) but get to know people! Think of all the extra “likes” on Facebook you’ll get!

2. Be your best self

Post-secondary is a new chapter, which means you’re not the same person you were during high school. You can be whoever you want to be now with no strings attached. Sign up for clubs, participate in class (no really, it gets you extra marks), take part in the frosh events, go to school events, etc. Put yourself out there!

3. Party. Hard.

Let’s be real: Frosh Week is all about the partying. You know it, I know it, and deep down, you mom knows it too. So get wild, get crazy but please, for your mother and I, be responsible and safe.

4. Explore

Frosh Week is the perfect time to get everything out of the way you most likely won’t get done during the school year. Classes and studying for those classes will inevitably takes up most of your time. So, just before you have to hit the books, make sure to explore the school. If you’ve moved out and are new to the city or town, go sightseeing and be adventurous. A little adventure never hurt nobody and plus, you’ll get some great Instagrams.

5. Get to know your Frosh leaders

Young Froshies: make sure you bring your respect. Your Frosh Leaders know what’s best for you and your frosh week and, if you treat them kindly, they can help you out later in the year. They know stuff and may be able to give you advice on school drama or getting a teacher to pass you (no promises but I’ve heard it can happen).

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