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Jamie Dornan, Eddie Redmayne and Liam Hemsworth Do The ALS Bucket Challenge

Posted on August 20, 2014 by
Eddie Redmayne, Jamie Dornan and Liam Hemsworth do the ALS Bucket Challenge

While we’re still anxiously waiting for Benedict Cumberbatch to take up Tom Hiddleston’s challenge to dunk a bucket of ice-water over his head in support of raising awareness for ALS, three other hunks did the world a good service by taking on the freezing task.

Up first, was British heartthrob Eddie Redmayne, who was wearing a light T-shirt and tight jeans. Donating on behalf of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, he then nominated Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan to take on the challenge before getting two buckets of ice-water dumped on him.

But proving that there IS a God in the world, it wasn’t long until Mr. Dornan appeared onscreen. Nominating Andrew Garfield to to be the next person to raise awareness for ALS, he too, got the wet treatment.

Watch the video here: 

On the other hand, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth decided to go for adorable instead of wet and sexy like many before him. Opting for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles onesie as his wardrobe choice, he nominated his The Hunger Games co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Woody Harrelson.

So yes, that means we could be seeing a wet Josh Hutcherson in less than 24 hours!

The ALS Bucket  Challenge, which attempts to raise awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease), asks participants to either pour a bucket of ice water over their heads in 24 hours or donate $100 to ALS research if they don’t follow through. According to CBC, the ALS Association has since raised $15.6 million since July 29.

Keep the videos coming!

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