10 On-Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials

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It’s official: back-to-school shopping season is upon us and whether we like it or not, it’s time to face the cold reality that will demand warm sweaters, oversized coats, and the unfortunate possibility of drowning in our own layers.

In an attempt to make light of the gloominess that is fall-turned-winter, designers held nothing back as they encouraged a sense of daring individuality with optical prints, and bold hues. They also took note of staple fall/winter pieces, and threw a chic twist on chunky knits, furs and shoes.

Whether you prefer to make a loud statement through your clothes, or would rather stick to warm knits and simple colour palettes, fall is all about getting playful by dressing for your personality and embracing your individuality as you take on another school year.

Here are the top 10 must-have back to school fashion pieces for Fall 2014:

1. A Fur Scarf

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: Fur Scarf


It’s warm, cozy, fierce, and comes in every colour known to mankind. Enough said.

Black faux fur stole ($38) at topshop.com.

2. A Warm Coat 

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: Blanket Coat


I know what you’re thinking – “Duh! Of course I need a warm coat for fall!” – But not just any old warm coat. Fall 2014 is all about embodying the simple side of fashion, and turning a comfortable day-to-day item into a chic fashion statement. The blanket coat ruled the catwalk at Burberry Prorsum, making it possible for students never to have to leave the warmth of their bed when the cold seems unbearable.

Blanket stitch cape ($47), at topshop.com.

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: Fur Coat

There are no rules for the fur coat this season, so get playful by opting for a colourful fur of your choice, and get ready to take on the season in a pair of killer knee-high boots to finish off the look. Or, if you’re looking for a more subdued textured look, opt for a classic shearling jacket that’ll keep you warm and the lines of your outfit neat.

Faux fur swing jacket ($152), at asos.com.

3. A Mini

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: Mini Skirt

What would the quintessential school girl look be without a miniskirt?

Hemlines are (literally) on the rise for Fall 2014 as designers embraced the sense of liberating freedom that only the mini could bring. This season’s pack of minis hark back to London’s mod scene of the sixties with their clean, tailored lines and muted tones. They ruled the catwalks at Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Miu Miu, to name a few, turning this summer staple into a seasonless must-have.

The best thing about a mini? It adds the perfect playful, feminine touch to a boring knit sweater, and allows you to show off your favourite fall booties.

Pleated mini skirt ($79.90) at zara.com.

4. An Over-the-top Knit

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: oversized Knit


It just wouldn’t be fall without a classic knit sweater to keep us cozy and warm on those crisp, early mornings. I mean, is there any other trend that has claimed more of our cool weather wardrobes?

Despite it’s much anticipated appearance on the Fall 2014 runways, this was not your run-of-the-mill sweater. The new knit is more than just oversized – it’s more of a head-to-toe matching knit suit that allows for complete comfort – perfect for spending long hours cooped up in a classroom. If you aren’t into totally over-the-top knits, pair your oversized sweater with a matching scarf and a feminine skirt for a more structured look.

Button-down knit dress ($79.90), at zara.com.

5. The Modern Shaped Bag 

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: new shaped bag


Forget about heavy backpacks this season and clear your closets for a more modern take on this must-have back-to-school essential. The new shape bag is a hybrid between an everyday handbag and a backpack with its long, round shape, making it a stylish alternative to the boring bag that happens to favour function over fashion. With its potential for artsy designs and eye-catching prints, this modern bag will surely make one chic home for your endless back-to-school supplies.

Auxiliary bosch tote bag ($350) at aritzia.com.

6. A Chunky Necklace 

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: chunky necklace


This season, catwalks were overwhelmed with regal, oversized necklaces and metallic gold accessories fit for a queen. Although you may not exactly be the next Kate Middleton, you can easily rock a chunky gold necklace and keep all eyes on you for that first day back at school. Pair a killer statement necklace with a simple outfit for the perfect amount of glam.

Medina statement necklace ($68) at urbanoutfitters.com.

7.  Cool Docs

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: doc martens


Going back-to-school means trekking from class to class, up staircases, and through campus after your not-so-difficult decision to ditch for the day. In other words, you’re going to need a comfortable pair of shoes to get you through the week, and what better way to do it than in a cool pair of docs? This edgy, ankle-high boot comes in an assortment of styles and textures, and looks fab when paired with a cool, oversized sweater-dress or a simple pair of fitted bottoms for the ultimate cool-girl look.

Dr. Martens mid calf lace up boots ($170) at thebay.com.

8. Something Kitschy

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: kitsch


While many designers stuck with a simple approach to fall fashion, others played around with funky prints, gaining inspiration from some of our favourite childhood cartoon characters. From Spongebob Squarepants to Star Wars, and everything in-between, designers gave Fall 2014 fashion a carefree, child-like essence and encouraged a “tacky-trendy, anything-goes” type of style. Whether it be a statement sweater or something as small as a printed iPhone accessory, embrace your individuality this season and show off your personal style in a Kitschy pattern of your choice.

iPhone 5/5s case ($10) at hm.com.

9. Chic Trousers

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: trousers


Fall 2014 brought a sense of normalcy to the catwalk as labels like Hugo Boss, Hermes, and Christopher Kane embraced the simplistic beauty of nude hues and navy blues. Bottom trends followed suit, as loose trousers took over as the must-have pants of the season, leaving summer denim in the dust. The best part about trousers? They allow for maximum movement and freedom (meaning total comfort), and happen to look ultra chic when paired with a fitted jacket and stylish scarf.

Pinstriped trousers ($51) at veromoda.com.

10. An Oversized Hat 

10 On Trend Back to School Fashion Essentials: oversized hat


While beanies are a must-have for keeping ears warm in the cold, winter weather, an oversized, textured panama hat is perfect for the days when a hat is only needed for style purposes. Pair that oversized blanket coat with a grey, maroon or black textured panama hat for a chic “I-woke-up-like-this” look.

Wool hat ($29.95), at hm.com.

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