Jennifer Lawrence and Allison Brie Star in Lost Buffy Spoof

Posted on August 16, 2014 by

Allison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence as co-stars is a dream we never thought we would see, but it turns out it already happened seven years ago, before Community and The Hunger Games.  According to EOnline, back in 2007, Comedy Central created  Not Another Teen Show, a spin-off the successful parody film Not Another Teen Movie. But get this, it starred Mad Men and Community’s Allison Brie and everything else’s Jennifer Lawrence.

Talk about a match made in comedy heaven,

The show never quite made it to television, but they did shoot a pilot that features a couple of our favourite starlets. Brie stars in the lost pilot as Muffy the Vampire Slayer and Lawrence shines in her breakthrough “student #2” type role. Oh, have things changed.

To think this was shot seven years ago, before #6SeasonsandaMovie and all of J-Law’s epic award show moments. Clearly, Comedy Central was onto something with this epic casting.

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