Downton Abbey Photoshoot Accidentally Includes A Plastic Waterbottle

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Watching Downton Abbey is like being transferred back into the early 1900s. From the posh British accents, the fancy dinners and elaborate evening gowns, it’s safe to say that the showrunners do a pretty a good job at recreating the era.

But like all people who make mistakes, the show is clearly not perfect. As seen in some recent promotional shots for the British drama’s fifth season, there was a minor glitch in a photo featuring father and daughter Robert Crawley and Lady Edith.

Take a look and see if you notice it.


Have you seen it yet?

If you look closely, it appears that someone on set was rather thirsty during the shoot. Because on the right side of Lady Edith’s shoulder, stands a very modern-looking plastic water bottle on the mantle of a very fancy looking fireplace!


Who knew Downton Abbey was going to flash forward a couple of decades? Because according to BBC, plastic water bottles weren’t even around until the 1960s!

With that being said though, at least this mistake is giving the show some really good promo! After all, it has already become the subject of a new meme where internet users Photoshop a selection of modern devices, products, and other strange things behind and on the actors.

Season 5 of Downton Abbey premieres Jan. 4, 2015 on PBS. Here’s to hoping there aren’t any more glitches!

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