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Demi Lovato Does The ALS Bucket Challenge Five Times

Posted on August 15, 2014 by
Demi Lovato takes on ALS Bucket Challenge

While we’ve seen celebs like Ansel Elgort have take on the Ice Bucket Challenge, Demi Lovato took things even further by pouring not one, but FIVE buckets of ice water over her head for the sake of a good cause.

Raising awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Lovato posted a Facebook video of herself getting soaked as she braved the cold for charity. After her task was completed, she nominated singer Christina Perri, Jonas Brothers guitarist John Lloyd Taylor, JoBros manager Phil McIntyre, actress and half-sister Madison De La Garza and Wilmer Valderrama to take on the challenge in 24 hours or donate $100 to the cause.

According to the ALS Society of British Columbia, ALS is “a rapidly progressive, neuromuscular disease. It attacks the motor neurons that transmit electrical impulses from the brain to the voluntary muscles in the body. When they fail to receive messages, the muscles lose strength, atrophy and die.”

The ALS Association says The Bucket Challenge has since raised $4 million in donations between July 29th and August 12th. Celebs like Lil Wayne, Elizabeth Banks and Justin Timberlake have also taken on the challenge.

With that said though, here’s to hoping that those brave enough to pour ice water over themselves are also donating to the cause! Because while taking on the challenge seems like a fun way to get the issue of ALS noticed by others, it is important for everyone to educate themselves on the disease rather than just following a trend in an attempt to “raise awareness.”

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