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Taylor Swift Embraces Her Nerdy Side In ‘Ew!’ With Jimmy Fallon

Posted on August 14, 2014 by

Looks like Taylor Swift is embracing her ‘You Belong To Me‘ days to participate in segment of “Ew!” with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night.

Taking on the role of a 13-year-old girl named Natalie, Swift appeared on camera sporting oversized glasses, a three-tailed ponytail, 90s barrettes and mismatched layers of clothing.

“My name’s Natalie and I’m 13 and I like to eat apricots and I have a Band-Aid collection,” she said, introducing herself to the audience.

Weirding out her host Sara, played by a blond-wigged Fallon, Swift’s character was then asked if she liked watching Pretty Little Liars.

“My mom hasn’t let me watch television since Miley twerked,” Swift’s Natalie answered.

She then continued to show off her dorkier side by displaying her drawing of a “pegacorn”, a combination a pegasus and a unicorn. It was then followed by a loud sneeze that certainly fit the show’s theme, “Ew!”.

What’s more, Swift’s Natalie even made a reference to her song “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together,” when asked by Fallon’s Sara if couples should reunite after a break-up.

“NEVER EVER EVER EVER…EVER!” she said adamantly.

So funny! Watch above to see what other shenanigans went down.



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